Estanislado Martinez and Victoria Rademacher

Recorded December 2, 2022 Archived December 2, 2022 32:54 minutes
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Father and daughter Estanislado Martinez (75) and Victoria Rademacher (47) share a conversation surrounding Estanislado's memories of growing up, his career path, and their family.

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Estanislado Martinez (EM) remembers his parents' relationship to discipline.
EM talks about being grateful for his parents support with his hearing problem growing up.
EM reflects on working hard in the fields with his family growing up and striving to get an education.
EM shares the lesson his career path has taught him: "work hard."
EM describes the best thing about being a parent.
EM talks about what it's like being a grandparent.
EM remembers the role prayer played in his life growing up.
EM talks about the dreams his parents had for him.
EM remembers showing his parents around City Hall with pride.


  • Estanislado Martinez
  • Victoria Rademacher

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Mission Library