Ethan Conlon and Barrett Howard

Recorded November 27, 2022 Archived November 27, 2022 28:23 minutes
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Mentor and mentee Ethan Conlon (33) and Barrett Howard (22) talk about their work as craftsmen and reflect on the process of building an art installation for the White House.

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Ethan and Barrett talk about the experience of installing their project at the White House. They reflect on the people that they have met throughout the week of holiday decorating.
They talk about Barrett's journey as a craftsman and metal worker and reflect on how they came to work together.
Ethan and Barrett talk about their paths as learners.
Barrett talks about his father and how he has modeled drivenness.
Barrett talks about making the decision to leave college and go to trade school.
Ethan and Barrett talk about what problem solving looks like in their work.
They talk about their favorite tools in the shop.
Ethan and Barrett reflect on getting the call to do their White House project. They talk about the process of building all of the pieces and watching the project come together on a short timeline.
They talk about the experience of troubleshooting elements of their White House project.
Ethan and Barrett talk about the knowledge that they've gained from working on the project.
Ethan reflects on coming from a family of craftspeople, on mentoring, and on sharing knowledge with others.
Barrett talks about sharing the knowledge he's acquired with others.
They talk about the challenges of growing a business as a tradesperson.
They reflect on the encouragement they've received from their families.
Ethan and Barrett talk about helping others through their work.


  • Ethan Conlon
  • Barrett Howard

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The White House

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