Ethan Maile and Christina Maile

Recorded July 7, 2023 Archived July 7, 2023 40:17 minutes
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Ethan Maile (52) and his mother, Christina Maile (78), speak about what home and belonging means to them. They discuss their mixed race identities, their love for New York City, and the importance of community.

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Ethan (E) describes his experience growing up in an artist community in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.
Christina (C) and E speak about their love for NYC. E recalls living in LA and missing his home.
C talks about visiting Iran with her second husband.
E talks about his love for Chinatown and describes its sights and sounds.
E explains the ways he sees his mom as a “citizen of the world.”
E remembers when he came out to C as gay.
E speaks about his identity in regards to being both mixed race and white passing.
C discusses what it was like to marry a white man as a woman with a mixed race background.
C recalls going to high school in Brooklyn, New York.
E expresses his gratitude for the community that has supported him through his illness and reflects on what he loves most about life.


  • Ethan Maile
  • Christina Maile

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