Etta Robin and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers

Recorded March 12, 2020 Archived March 12, 2020 32:12 minutes
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Longtime friends Etta Robin (81) and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers (74) reminisce about their memories as friends and the common experiences that they share as mental health professionals, survivors of breast cancer, and practicing Jewish women.

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KAC and ER share early memories of each other around the time when they had first met.
KAC recalls a time that ER gave her advice at work on how to draw boundaries with a client.
ER and KAC talk about the similarities of their marriages and also the fact that they share the same faith.
ER talks about the relationship she had with Bill, who later developed Alzheimer's.
KAC talks about when ER came to live with her after Bill had to move back home to receive care for his Alzheimer's.
KAC and ER discuss their experiences with breast cancer and the formation of their support group for other survivors.
KAC and ER talk about times when they have felt proud of each other.
KAC and ER discuss their jobs as mental health professionals.


  • Etta Robin (b. 1938)
  • Kathleen Arnold-Chambers (b. 1946)

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Beale Memorial Library

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