Eve Tovino and John M. Flaherty

Recorded March 26, 2023 Archived March 26, 2023 37:26 minutes
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Friends and former coworkers Eve Tovino (47) and Mike Flaherty (55) share a conversation about their work with the Shared Table Food Pantry, their upbringings, and the difficulties people face in the United States.

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Mike Flaherty (MF) remembers starting to work for the food pantry and the interview process.
Eve Tovino (ET) explains "food rescue" and the donations from local grocery stores.
MF tells the story of receiving a large amount of frozen Tyson chicken at the pantry.
ET reflects on the clientele they serve.
MF and ET reflect on how the need for the food pantry greatly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.
ET talks about watching her mom struggle as she grew up.
ET reflects on how many people struggle and how it can be difficult to know what is going on with others beneath the surface.
ET says that this work is about more than giving people food and that it is also about giving people hope and empowering them.


  • Eve Tovino
  • John M. Flaherty

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Taos Public Library

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