Evelyn Brugger-Hocker, Susan Hocker, William Hocker, and Phyllis Hocker

Recorded June 13, 2020 Archived June 13, 2020 36:24 minutes
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Evelyn Brugger-Hocker (63) and her sister, Susan Hocker (69), interview their parents, William "Bill" Hocker (96) and Phyllis Hocker (93), about William's memories of growing up on a farm and serving in World War II, and Phyllis' memories of settling in Dayton with her family and later having children.

Subject Log / Time Code

TRACK 1 EBH and SH talk about WH's experience with COVID-19 and being in the hospital.
TRACK 2 WH shares what he remembers from his time in the hospital.
WH talks about growing up on a farm.
WH shares what he remembers from his time serving in World War II.
EBH recalls her time as a nurse.
PH shares childhood memories and talks about what her father did for work and what he was paid.
EBH remembers when PH would take her and her siblings on camping trips as children.
EBH names all of her siblings.
WH shares memories of traveling in Austria with the family.
SH and EBH share what they remember about family dinners growing up.


  • Evelyn Brugger-Hocker (b. 1957)
  • Susan Hocker (b. 1951)
  • William Hocker (b. 1924)
  • Phyllis Hocker (b. 1926)

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