"Every part of the Cryosphere is changing faster & in more dramatic ways than I ever anticipated." an interview with Jonathan Bamber

Recorded March 4, 2019 Archived March 4, 2019 20:40 minutes
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Jonathan Bamber has always loved to climb mountains. It’s why, when he wrote an essay about ice crystal formation in clouds as an 18-year-old undergrad, he found his calling studying glaciers and the natural environment. He’s traveled the world as a glaciologist, studying ice thickness in a field that only matured 10 years ago. In 1992, he was climbing in the Himalayas, close to Pakistan border, and suffered a severe accident that left him with a shattered leg. He spent four years on crutches and had to re-learn to walk, taking a total of eight years to regain his full capacity to be active. Despite now having one leg two centimeters shorter than the other, he completed a half marathon two days before his 40th birthday. Actually, he won that race. Today he serves as , president of the European Geophysical Union and Professor of Physical Geography, University of Bristol, UK. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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