Excerpt: “Will you do me the greatest honor, and will you marry me?”

Recorded July 7, 2015

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In an excerpt from a longer interview, listen to the moment Rory Miller asks his girlfriend Asya Adcock to marry him.

Rory and Asya, both 25, sat together on July 8 in their Tennessee home and talked about their relationship. They shared memories of their life together and their first kiss in high school that she described as “pleasant” while he was inspired to write a song about it. But that was it for the two of them for the next seven years until they reconnected at Bonnaroo in 2011. Rory had no doubt he wanted to kiss Asya again, she was not so sure so she left it up to…Arcade Fire. If they played her favorite song she would kiss him, if not, he’d be out of luck. The indie rock gods smiled on him that day when “Wake Up” was played, and they have been together since.

While it has happened many times in StoryCorps booths, to the best of our knowledge this is our first marriage proposal recorded using the app.