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The educational level necessary for contemporary midwifery begins at graduate level due to the academic skills required for modern practice.

The B-mid midwife degree course lasts three years and is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, allowing graduates to register as approved write my essays professionals in this field.

The modules are carefully designed to cover the many subjects needed for midwifery including health sciences, psychology, sociology, leadership, politics and the fiscal aspects of midwifery.

The BMid midwife degree is set out as half theory and half practice.

Skills and competencies are continually assessed both in the classroom and throughout all practice placements during the study.

All practice experience will count towards the final grades achieved and is carefully structured to ensure competence and develop confidence.

There is also a £3,630 means tested bursary available for students embarking on the midwife degree programme to help meet the expenses of studying.

Your future

Midwifery is the career choice which offers extraordinary opportunities to be with people during one of their most intimate, vulnerable and life changing experiences; providing different challenges every single working day.

Midwifery qualifications and experience will open a wide range of options to develop your career in the directions that interest you most.

As your knowledge and expertise increases, you could move into more senior practitioner roles.

Your career could well develop fast and move into associated fields like research, teaching, practice development and management - including management at board level within an NHS Trust or, influencing the shape of healthcare across a whole community.


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