Fadil Lee and Megan Lee

Recorded July 25, 2023 Archived July 25, 2023 38:20 minutes
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Fadil Lee (49) and his wife, Megan Lee (50), have a conversation about their lives, including reconnecting and marrying after having met in college 25 years earlier and adopting a daughter in the past year.

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Fadil (F) and Megan (M) talk about reconnecting after having met in college twenty-five years earlier.
F and M talk about adopting their daughter in the past year and about the two sons that M raised as a single mother until marrying F.
F and M talk about how being parents has changed each of them.
F asks M what she sees for their future.
F asks M what she would tell a younger version of herself.
F talks about early memories growing up on the west side of Chicago.
F asks M what advice she has for younger couples.
F talks about lessons he has learned in life.
M and F talk about how they each would like to be remembered.
M asks F when he has felt most alone.
F talks about getting the nickname "Bruiser" from his aunt.


  • Fadil Lee
  • Megan Lee

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