Family Comes First

Recorded April 23, 2018 Archived April 23, 2018 20:03 minutes
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This is an interview with my Grandma Esther, who is my only grandparent left, on April 23 2018. We recorded in Yorba Linda, California when I am at the age of 20. My Grandfather took his own life when my Dad was only 14, leaving my Grandma to raise 3 kids on her own. She has always emphasized to me throughout life how important it is to not depend on a man and to work hard in your career, but yet heavily regrets the amount of time she missed with her kids. I never really asked about my Grandpa because I had never had an interest in him considering he was long gone before me, but I see now that I am older that his blood runs through me and he is a piece of my story whether or not I was alive during his time.


  • Esther Murray
  • Isabel Murray

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