Family Is Everything

Recorded January 15, 2019 Archived January 15, 2019 23:09 minutes
Id: APP607911


“I don’t care what people think, I will do anything and everything for my children.” On December 21, 2018, Daisy Salinas talked about her experience of leaving her home in El Salvador to come to the United States. She explains how she the way she grew up for the first part of the video and around minute 4, Daisy gets into how she decided to move after she had her three children to make sure they had better lives. Daisy cared about her family more than anything since she was a little girl. She started working when she was an infant. When she was nine, her first sibling was born and she had to help take care of them, work in the field, and get her four years of education. Five other kids were born over a 15 year span and she moved to the United States to give a better life for her family at 29 years old, even though she wasn’t able to see them for 10 years.


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