Fatimah Fanusie and Faridah Abdul-Tawwab Brown

Recorded May 26, 2021 Archived May 25, 2021 47:38 minutes
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Twin sisters, Fatimah Fanusie (46) and Faridah Abdul-Tawwab Brown (46), share a conversation about their unwavering and unquestioning identity as Muslim African-American women.

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FF and FATB talk about their parents who moved to Boston to attend higher education.
“We think we have a pretty unique heritage that we want to share about being Muslim in America,” FF says as they begin to discuss the birth of the unique Muslim American identity.
FF and FATB share about their identity as Bilalians and the history of Bilal.
FF and FATB reflect on growing up without a racialized depiction of God.
FF and FATB discuss switching schools in the 7th grade and at times, being ambassadors of their faith.
FF and FATB share their story of “dijabbing,” and what their father said to them when he saw them with our their scarf one day.
FF shares an anecdote of going to prayer with her father while in college and seeing other students who she wanted to connect with as they talked about muslim education.
FATB shares stories of celebrating Eid.


  • Fatimah Fanusie
  • Faridah Abdul-Tawwab Brown



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00:00 And you see, I'm 46 years old. Today is Wednesday, May 26th, 2021. And I am currently living in Columbia, Maryland. And having a conversation with my twin sister. Faridah. Abdul-tawwab Brown.