Felicia Fett and Dana Salkowsky

Recorded November 8, 2022 Archived November 8, 2022 54:52 minutes
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One Small Step partners Felicia Fett (55) and Dana Salkowsky (52), discuss Buddhism, their mutual appreciation for NPR, and their concerns about current political divisions.

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Felicia asks Dana about her statement in her bio regarding having an immigrant story.
Dana asks Felicia about being Buddhist.
Partners ask each other to describe their personal political views.
Dana shares her struggle with the Republican party's stance on abortion.
Partners ask each other when they first became aware of politics. Both share why they listen to NPR.
Partners ask each other about their concerns for the future of the country, including a mutual concern about the level of toxic discourse and the deepening divisions. Felicia shares how the events of January 6 were a turning point for her politically.
Dana asks Felicia whether she has hope for the future.
Dana shares how the events on January 6th affected her.
Partners ask each other whether they have relationships with people who differ from them politically.
Felicia shares a personal experience that influenced her political views.


  • Felicia Fett
  • Dana Salkowsky

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