Felix Madrid and Cecile Evola

Recorded April 3, 2023 Archived April 3, 2023 25:04 minutes
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Friends Felix Madrid (60) and Cecile Evola (65) share a conversation about their memories together, their time at the organization ARCA, and what it means to be a good friend.

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Cecile Evola (CE) and Felix Madrid (FM) talk about knowing each other for the past 27 years.
FM talks about enjoying working at his job.
CE tells FM what a wonderful friend he is.
CE talks about the safety that ARCA has provided FM with.
CE asks FM if he remembers the day he told her he wanted to be adopted, and FM talks about his first family.
CE and FM talk about how much they love each other.


  • Felix Madrid
  • Cecile Evola

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Albuquerque Museum


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