Fern Zimmerman and Susan Diamond

Recorded November 19, 2020 Archived November 18, 2020 37:51 minutes
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Susan Diamond (64) interviews her mother Fern Zimmerman (91) about her childhood memories, some of the happiest moments in her life, meeting her husband, her love for sports, and meeting Michelle Obama.

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F talks about the most important people in her life, her close relationship with her mother, and her grandchildren.
F talks about the happiest moments in her life, and she reminisces meeting her husband in high school.
F talks about her grandmother, and shares a memory about going to lunch at her house.
F reminisces the day she attended a school graduation using fake tickets.
F talks about her love for sports, and reminisces the time the Cubs won a championship.
F talks about the time she met Michelle Obama, and gives words of wisdom for her family.


  • Fern Zimmerman
  • Susan Diamond

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