Fieldwork #4

Recorded March 25, 2019 Archived March 25, 2019 32:49 minutes
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For the fourth fieldwork exercise I decided to interview my mom about her experience growing up in a different country and then moving at a young age. She spoke about how growing up she spent a lot of time playing outside and playing with her siblings. She also spoke about how the school system is different over in Austria compared to in America. Even though Austria is her home and she loves being there, she says that she is very happy in America and has found “a little piece of home” in Cornwall, Connecticut where she currently lives. Another thing my mom and I discussed is her love to travel and how even though she is happy where she is, she would still love to visit many places around the world, see new things and meet all the new people. One last thing I asked my mom was if Trump’s presidency has had any effect on her. My mom told me how when Trump was elected she became very scared. My mom is in America with her green card and knew that during Trump’s presidency she would need to


  • Brigitte Schmidt-Geyselaers

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