"Find your passions."

Recorded November 24, 2018 Archived November 24, 2018 28:18 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Evan Parker (16) interviews his grandmother Judy Fulton (70) about her childhood and her family. Judy shares stories of what her childhood was like, and what she would do for fun. Judt also shares some stories about her father's experiences during World War II. Judy also reminisces about her husband, who died before Evan was born, talking about his personality and the experiences he had while traveling to other countries for his work. The last few stories Judy shares are about her career in bookkeeping, and how she determined she wanted to pursue this as her career. At the end of the interview, Judy gives everyone some advice on what to base our futures on as we move forward in our lives.


  • Evan Parker
  • Judy Fulton

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