Flavio Cisneros and Claire Cote

Recorded March 25, 2023 Archived March 25, 2023 38:13 minutes
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Claire Cote (41) interviews her friend Flavio Cisneros (81) about his life, his involvement in the community in Questa, New Mexico, and his relationship with cooking.

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Flavio Cisneros (FC) remembers how he met Claire Cote's (CC) family.
FC remembers being a young man and wanting to experience more than Questa, New Mexico. He talks about his decision to join the Air Force.
CC asks FC what his experience in Germany was like and how it changed his perspective.
FC talks about the St. Anthony statue at his church and orienting it westward, towards "the land of promise."
CC asks FC about his childhood, and he talks about his mother's cooking.
FC talks about the legacy he would like to leave.


  • Flavio Cisneros
  • Claire Cote

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Taos Public Library

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