Floyd Wafer and Rachel Wafer

Recorded February 15, 2020 Archived February 15, 2020 37:45 minutes
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Floyd Wafer (62) talks with his daughter Rachel Wafer (43) about his childhood being raised in a single parent household. Floyd shares some of his parenting philosophies, and Rachel tells him how she feels to have him in her life.

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FW discusses his childhood and being raised in Fresno.
FW and RW talk about the death of FW's brother.
FW remembers meeting RW's mother and becoming RW's parent.
RW talks about how she has achieved success in life and how FW has contributed to that.
RW remembers a time when FW helped her out.
RW talks about the death of her biological father.
FW discusses some of his health complications
FW and RW remember a time when FW was present for an armed robbery.


  • Floyd Wafer (b. 1957)
  • Rachel Wafer (b. 1976)

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