Former Washington County Commissioner Zachary Renstrom describes his part in the creation of the Hildale Library

Recorded October 29, 2018 Archived October 29, 2018 19:37 minutes
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Recording February 5, 2018 – As a newly elected Washington County Commissioner in 2015, Zachary Renstrom wanted to serve the citizens of Hildale, Utah better. He kicked around a few ideas but the best one was a library. This thought became a goal about the same time as Joel Tucker approached him. Tucker is the director for the Washington County Library System and had met with two women from the ‘Twin Cities,’ who requested to have a library opened in that area.

The circumstances in Hildale were open to change. Washington County government entities were in the right time and place to bring about the most effective way to impact the Hildale Community. The County approached the UEP to purchase an existing building and land to refurbish into a library. It was a great location and Commissioner Renstrom encouraged all parties that the vision was to create a community gathering place to serve the population in a new and positive presence. All involved set about doing just that. Zachary said that "he wanted to be a part of the great things happening out there," and the library has been a wonderful addition to the community, impacting many lives. He feels it empowers residents who have access to information and computers through this new county library.


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