Frank DiCostanzo and Manuela Velasquez

Recorded February 8, 2023 Archived February 8, 2023 40:11 minutes
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Frank DiCostanzo (62) talks with his conversation partner, Manuela Velasquez (23), about his experiences with Steve Yellen and Basketball in the Barrio. They also talk about the connections between art and basketball and how Frank would like to spend the rest of his life.

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FD talks about his connection to the Basketball in the Barrio camp. He also recalls going to school with Steve Yellen and talks about his skill as a basketball player.
FD talks about being an artist and the different works that he has produced. He also mentions Steve supporting his art and recalls Steve moving from New York to El Paso, Texas.
FD talks about reconnecting with Steve through social media. He recalls Steve reaching out and wanting FD to meet him at the Boys and Girls Club.
FD recalls Steve asking him to come to the Basketball in the Barrio camp. FD also recalls Steve asking him to make a poster for the camp.
FD recalls his high school years with Steve and remembers seeing his classmates again at a reunion.
FD talks about the work Steve and Rus Bradburd have done with Basketball in the Barrio. FD recalls bringing his son to the camp.
FD talks about his experiences at Basketball in the Barrio and about how dynamic it is. He recalls the camp inviting speakers, dancers, singers, and other people to whom the kids could relate.
FD talks about art as a universal language.
FD talks about what he would like to do with the rest of his life.
FD shares a piece of wisdom he would share with his son.


  • Frank DiCostanzo
  • Manuela Velasquez

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