Recorded April 26, 2018 Archived April 26, 2018 43:37 minutes
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"I have a strong work ethic and see the value in dedicating time to "today" in order to have better "next days.""

Spend a few minutes with Fred and you can feel the strong connection he has with a loving supportive family and its connection to Saugerties. You get that he is aware of the importance of families and stability in a person's life. This is evident in his work ethic, the way he relates, and in his sense of community. Foremost in his thoughts as a Town Supervisor is to see that opportunities are available to all to have stability in their lives. His own opportunities didn't come in the form of wealth and power, but rather in the form of hard working parents who provided honesty, warmth, and caring which carried him forward into adulthood as an honest, warm, caring person.


  • Arzi McKeown
  • Fred Costello

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