Fred Roe and Nicole Molumby

Recorded May 12, 2020 Archived May 11, 2020 37:18 minutes
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Partners Fred Roe (53) and Nicole Molumby (44) talk about how they first met in January 2020 through group therapy sessions, and how their relationship has evolved in self-isolation together during COVID-19.

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FR shares the story of meeting NM through a support group that was recommended to them by a therapist they had both been seeing.
NM shares some of her memories from the groups' sessions, specifically how they related to FR. "I started to feel seen by you".
FR remembers socializing with group members outside of their meetings and going to one of NM's concerts.
FR and NM talk about transitioning to living with each other after stay-at-home orders were put in place.
FR and NM express how they feel supported by each other.
NM talks about how she'll explain this time period in the future. "Life as I knew it... absolutely cracked open."
FR and NM talk about what they have learned from each other while they have been together.
NM and FR share what they would want people to know about them.


  • Fred Roe (b. 1966)
  • Nicole Molumby (b. 1975)

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