Free and Paid Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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Free and Paid Mobile Marketing Campaigns can both get you a lot of exposure and increase downloads and sales. Here is a break down of each campaign.

Free Mobile App Marketing Campaign: Submit Your App to Application Review Websites
As long as you provide these bloggers with a promo code or for you Android App Developers an apk file, most of these bloggers will review your app for you and give you some exposure for free. One thing to remember is that if your app sucks or is lacking something that is obvious these bloggers will call you out. The purpose of the app review websites is for these application gurus to give their expert feedback to their readers on each app that they review. If they lie and say that your app is a diamond in the ruff and it’s not, then they lose readers which make them lose traffic which is a no no for bloggers. Review websites usually have a big influence with your target market which can be a really good thing for your application’s sales if you have a good app.

A few tips for submitting reviews:

• K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid ) is the best way to go about it. In your review request you should include:

o Company Name
o A contact person’s name from your company
o A promo code/apk file
o Screen shots and if you have one a simple short demo video of the app from YouTube

And that’s it. No need for a page long storyline, sales pitch, etc. If you want to include a short description about the app this is also helpful but do 5 sentences maximum. Remember to be humble when requesting a review. Not do be pushy or e-mail them every day/week to follow up on the status of the review. These bloggers get a lot of requests so you will have to be patient.

Review websites are also a great way to get feedback on how to improve your app. Not only will the blogger give feedback but their readers will as well. Leave comments on the reviews of your applications and interact with the readers. A great example of this is the developers of Pocket God. The developers take feedback for their app regularly and deliver what the users want. They have developed quite a fan base from doing this to the point where the users of their app actually send in drawings of their characters and some people like the app so much that they made their own YouTube videos about it. Talk about effective, free, viral advertising.

Paid Mobile App Marketing Campaign: Purchasing Ad Space, Twitter Tweets, Newsletter mentions, etc.
Almost every Mobile App Review Blog or related website sells some kind of advertising opportunity. Simply find each website’s advertising page on their blog or website for their advertising opportunities and rates. If they don’t list prices or exact advertising opportunities, find their contact information and drop them an e-mail requesting this information.


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