From little Loomis to large Los Angeles

Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 21:52 minutes
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On November 25, 2018, Lyla Dintzer interviewed her stepmom, Denise Fellers, in La Quinta, California. Denise recounts her childhood and the benefits and disadvantages of growing up in the small town of Loomis, California. Twelve minutes into the interview Denise recounts the painful memories of her peers and teachers telling her that her dreams were unattainable. Once she started to succeed, they told her that she would still fail, even if she tried harder. Yet, Denise persevered and, even though it was hard, she was able to achieve the impossible and live the life she wanted. In this inspiring, heartfelt story about overcoming hardships, we learn about the nature of perseverance, and how it can help you get anywhere you want to go.


  • Denise Fellers
  • Lyla Dintzer

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