From New Jersey Conservative to Colorado Liberal

Recorded May 20, 2019 Archived May 20, 2019 39:46 minutes
Id: APP639090


In this interview, conducted in Boulder, Colorado on May 20th, 2019, Taylor Gallo, 17, interviews her father, Jeffrey Gallo, 52, on his uprbringing and political experiences during the late 20th century. Jeffrey talks about his conservative family and experiences in New Jersey and how his political beliefs have shifted after moving to Colorado and having a daughter. He reflects on his experiences largely during the Reagan administration, as an adult, in the current political climate, and his reaction to many of the movements that are occurring today. As someone who grew up with one political view, Jeffrey makes astounding comments on his new perspective that he gained throughout this years with continued honor and respect for his country. The purpose of this interview was to fully develop the ideas and beliefs of Jeffrey, and how his story has helped to shaped his beliefs.


  • Jeffrey Gallo

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