Fumiko McKay and Emiko Schwab

Recorded January 8, 2020 Archived January 8, 2020 27:57 minutes
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Fumiko McKay (88) talks with her granddaughter, Emiko Schwab (25), about what it was like to move to the US from Japan in the 1950s, her experiences with racism, and some of her memories of raising a family in the US.

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FM recalls when she came to the US from Japan and where she went first. She recalls learning about racism in the US.
FM recalls some incidents when she and her husband experienced racism as an interracial Japanese and black couple.
FM recalls working as a mother of 5 when her husband was away from home.
FM recalls what it was like living on military bases.
FM recalls what the major differences were between Japan and the US when she first came here.
FM reflects on not having had time to think about whether or not she felt comfortable in the US.
ES reflects on her relationship with FM.
FM recalls buying her first car.


  • Emiko Schwab (b. 1994)
  • Fumiko McKay (b. 1931)

Recording Location

Downtown Santa Monica