Gail Sara Weinflash and Clifton Holt Jolley

Recorded October 3, 2022 Archived October 3, 2022 36:43 minutes
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Gail Sara Weinflash (64) interviews her husband, Clifton Holt Jolley (77), about his experience being hospitalized polio as a child, how his polio impacted his family, personality, and perspective, and the post-polio syndrome that he lives with today.

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CHJ shares why contracting polio was the most defining event of his life.
CHJ describes his experience being hospitalized with polio as child.
CHJ remembers his rehabilitation experience.
CHJ shares what it was like to return to school after missing the first grade.
CHJ talks about his siblings.
CHJ remembers his mother.
CHJ describes his experience with post-polio syndrome.
CHJ remembers his father.
CHJ talks about the blessing from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that he believes healed him.
CHJ discusses how having polio as a child impacted his personality and perspective.
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  • Gail Sara Weinflash
  • Clifton Holt Jolley

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