Ganapathy Subrahmaniam and Bob Riley

Recorded October 29, 2021 Archived October 29, 2021 40:55 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Ganapathy Subrahmaniam (41) and Bob Riley (80) talk about their interests and hobbies, places they have traveled, and their careers.

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GS and BR talk about their intentions to do One Small Step and read each others’ bios.
GS and BR talk about their interests in music.
GS talks about enjoying jogging, playing with his children, and reading.
BR talks about his wife and the food they grow at their home.
BR tells a story about when he was in the navy.
BR talks about being an empath.
GS talks about his upbringing in Mumbai, India.
BR talks about his Christian faith and helping homeless people in Hawaii where he lives.
BR talks about his international travels.
GS talks about his religious beliefs.


  • Ganapathy Subrahmaniam
  • Bob Riley

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