Garey Higgins and Jordan Minnis

Recorded August 25, 2023 Archived August 25, 2023 59:01 minutes
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One Small Step Partner's Garey "Alex" Higgins (26) and Jordan Minnis (33) spend an hour discussing life in their shared hometown, mental health, and their stances on various hot button issues.

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Jordan Minnis shares stories from her two household upbringing.
Garey "Alex" Higgins shares stories from his turbulent childhood.
Alex and Jordan each take a turn to describe what it was like to be from Belle Plaine, KS.
Jordan recollects meeting a person of color for the first time in high school.
The pair discuss the ways politics have impacted their personal relationships.
Alex and and Jordan discuss their views on gun regulation, foreign aid for Ukraine, and gender identity education.
Alex explains why he voted for Trump in 2016.
Jordan shares the story of her husband's mental and physical decline.
Alex talks about his personal experiences with drug addiction.


  • Garey Higgins
  • Jordan Minnis

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