Gary McMurtrie, Rebecca Perry, Tami Mark, and Lara Weinstein

Recorded June 22, 2023 Archived June 22, 2023 16:31 minutes
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Colleagues Gary McMurtrie (24), Rebecca Perry (45), Tami Mark (no age given) and Lara Weinstein (54), discuss their collaboration in writing a medical study on the access disparity of overdose treatment for opioid drugs across racial groups and recommendations on how to resolve this issue. They discuss how each of them became involved in the project and how they hope this research will effect the medical community.

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Rebecca Perry (R) shares an important family moment that brought her to work on overdose research.
Lara Weinstein (L) discusses how her career as an addiction patient specialist and her frustrations with the medical community's treatment of overdose brought her to this project.
Tami Mark (T) shares how her research over the past decades on the opioid crisis shows different trends in communities that are impacted, and how there was a need to study Black/ African American access to life saving drugs.
Gary McMurtrie (G) talks about the communities he met hiking along the Appalachian trail and how that brought him to the study, and explains a bit more about the study.
The group shares the importance of applying critical race theory to their research.
The group shares important recommendation for the medical community/ society at large for combating access disparity to life saving overdose drugs. They want their research to move past identifying disparities and moving into solutions.


  • Gary McMurtrie
  • Rebecca Perry
  • Tami Mark
  • Lara Weinstein

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