Gaudencio Macaraig, Jackson Crews, and Marilyn Crews

Recorded February 28, 2024 Archived February 28, 2024 31:21 minutes
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Jackson Crews (12) speaks with his grandfather Gaudencio "Mac" Macaraig (96) and his mother Marilyn Crews (51) about Mac's childhood in the Philippines, his experience in the Coast Guard, and his favorite family memories.

Subject Log / Time Code

Jackson Crews (JC) asks Gaudencio Macaraig (GM) when and where he was born.
GM talks about his siblings.
JC asks GM about his favorite childhood memories.
JC asks about GM's experience during WWII.
JC asks GM about his memories of school.
JC asks GM what he liked to do for fun as a child.
JC asks why GM decided to enlist in the Coast Guard and what his experience was there.
Marilyn Crews (MC) asks GM where he was stationed during his time in the Coast Guard.
JC asks GM about his parents and other relatives.
JC asks GM about his religious and spiritual beliefs.
JC asks GM how he met his wife.
JC asks GM what he decided to do after retiring from the military.
MC asks GM if he was the first in his family to move to the US.
MC asks GM if he remembers when she was born.
MC asks GM if he remembers when JC was born.
JC shares his favorite memories with GM.


  • Gaudencio Macaraig
  • Jackson Crews
  • Marilyn Crews

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