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Ken Kalfus interviews his father Martin about growing up in the bronx, his time in the army during WWII, and different businesses afterwards.

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Trip over to Europe in 1943-cramped in the ship
Unidentified aircraft story
Opening up a candy store with his brother in law
meeting his wife, forgetting to pay the bill


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Grand Central Terminal


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00:03 Hi, my name is Ken kalfus. I'm 51 years old. Today is June 10th 2005 and we are Grand Central Terminal with my father says that she was going to call you in at 10. I know if you believe absolutely and I'm cured my father Martin kalfus.

00:22 My name is Martin, I was born October 8th 1923. I'm 81 years of age and I feel fine talk to my son Kenneth right here in this lovely booth at this lovely person here and I'm not quite sure what else you want to know me. Well, I was I was supposed to arrive that terminal that is a place where you were in inducted in the Army and I just feel better after some reason I remember the day I remember being in the Grant in The Grand in the Grand Central in The Concourse the main Concourse and I remember the induction. I remember being sworn-in but I don't remember if they sent me home after that or what happened to me after that accept, but I went to Camp Upton pictures of very famous camp during the first world war Factory Irving Berlin wrote his famous song. You've got to get up you got to go.

01:22 If you remember that when you're here and when he made when he wrote that tight and it was at Camp often that it was done. That's where that you think we went when we are ducted. We haven't got our uniforms then I remember I was that way out in Long Island, but everything is so secret because wartime and I thought it was out in Long Island. And from there. We were shipped to basic training in Atlantic City, New Jersey and they're there for two months or so. And from there. I was shipped to Sioux Falls South Dakota to begin. My training is a radio operator mechanic and worked there for four or five months in that Harbor place called, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

02:07 I would never send you the okay. No matter how much you misbehaved Bobby maybe but not you. It's a horrible place on let's just just just out of curiosity was granted parole. Then it was like the ceiling of the same the Conqueror the same but I don't remember being as commercial as it is now question probably and I don't remember being at large for The Concourse was large with most is stations. Most of the stations are all better off this at the main terminal 2 that I have a guys there or do I would say this could have been 500 guys that it was a big mess of Walla. Walla commuters were all going to the business. So I don't member at the community being around that time. They must have been around that might have been blocked off and I don't know if there's that many commuters at that time either you had registered for the IMEI.

03:07 I must have been listed in October right after my birthday is October 8th. 119. I see if I must have been listening to me right after that and sworn in on this date and November to remember anymore and that's about it. But me and remember Grand Central Palace isn't that strange look that up look that up for me to go back to you know, the Bronx in and did not have any growing up in Girard in the Bronx and I and I moved to to the Bronx remove the family my father my mother and the four of us have three sisters moved to the Bronx and he caught pneumonia and died April 14th 1930. Maybe my mother with four kids in the bed bedtime. And of course she went to work right away which brings up an interesting story some other Widow on the Block.

04:07 Got her a job in a dress Factory in tour. To be a seamstress or finisher. I should say and she worked there for quite a while. She worked every day and my sister my older sister was 11 at the time to care of us. And if everything was fine with no problems and we moved away and she got a job downtown in New York. And we go late. He moved all the ugly animals. Do I remove the block away devise a mirror with the rest of the time and lost track of these people. This is one time my country club in 1988 the bar we talked about where we are from and one of the guys from the Bronx you say where in the Bronx 179th and Bryant Avenue, that's a good guy. I can't find you something. I've been brined.

04:51 That's for my father passed away. He said he lost his father there to Is No Stranger name is pretty marshak. I said the name is familiar go to fit into my mother and she said that's the woman that got her her Regional job. I said Freddy if it was 50 years later when I went to Florida that winter I picked up my mother and took it for Union with this woman and it was a wonderful wonderful. In South Beach the beach but you know, that was a very very strange kind of An Occurrence that happened 50 years later meaning the son of the woman that got my mother her first job, right? The job is going to dress Factory on Brown Street in West Farms Road. I remember it very well cuz she's supposed to be at once in a while. She's to work like an make the sticks, you know, you like it in the garden of first grade then or kindergarten first-grade check my you know, right if true so great at that time.

05:49 And there was an interesting interesting. Remove to buy Zevia where I went to PS 6 for the next eight years, She's working until 7 tonight to move to but you left that job down there after about a year and a half or something. You got a job downtown Manhattan the regular job. I think 10. Union ATM Union donde. Yeah, I of the ladies garment Workers Union started to give long hours at the beginning. It was 8 to 6. I remember that very well and I think we're only five days. I'm not sure maybe six days a week. I'm not quite sure. I met probably six days a week, but it was an interesting time because she used to be able to walk home.

06:32 And you stay here a few times but my sister Helen used to be a very very good 11 years old daughter is 11 years old is Helen take to get to school and how do I get to school pretty sloppily but we got to school. You know, we we did the best you could be managed, but she made sure we all went to school like the public school. We all did very well as long as the school is two blocks away from us and we all went to the same school sister Helen Molly and Judy and Nate anyting severely anyway, and what was your day? Like my apartment was a Ford room two bedrooms. I slept in the living room when I got older.

07:20 Cuz right side only sisters and mother so the two girls that my room my mother and sister slept in the other room and I slept in living room. I never know member lot of Leavin bedrooms, but that was later on, but was it what was a nice apartments in Helen kept a pretty good and they're all pretty good in school and was very good and Molly was very good in school since we've been school. I was pretty good in school. Guess we had with that time we had school today. It's segregated. You got a 1:00 Class A to class and a 3 class and a fluorescent. Some grades are the one class was the smart one. I see that's right on the Molly where I was in the 3 class, which is he not so smart, but that's how to measure the bed rest.

08:11 II class with the bed play you think one of the brightest stars are brightest + 3 + + 3 will be the next and 2rz slowest and then for 4 hours.

08:27 Otis Reese 1324. Yeah.

08:31 Are you sure about that? That's so you got friends on the Block and we got to stick for club and we are all the Vikings and their that move different names the Falcons and we became two-by-fours later on way that weather bad the 15 years younger is of Tremont with Dad Club rooms for guy in Hereford for young people than teenagers. So we are the boys probably had like 14 15 guys played who played football stick bull Street and we join this club made it is kind of a social club in 15 and they want their name more striking with the youngest YouTube Fremont then Vikings or Falcons.

09:31 Larkin the synagogue me to send a guy but we had the meeting I'm enjoying the balfour's and I'm still in touch with the Balfour is today, right and I still see a lot of them wherever he's around. What was the last thing out has four or five of us and I dropped him at least once a week. They call me I call them and you know, there were laying them walking wounded a bit. But but she was still stay in touch. We talked about the olden days. I'm used to have Gatherings back pain by to you and Bobby and my kids to the picnic. I think remember the other kids remember the name of

10:20 In honor of the man who became the name the valve closed down for the first Lord Balfour in England who created the Balfour Declaration which gave land to the israel-palestine and it created like night to give them a space to make a year country their own and that was the beginning that was a 1923 and he was on it for that the Lord Balfour he still does to this day. I think he was anointed by the fact that fifteen-year-old Earth jewelry auctions in the Bronx tonight at 4 o clock after that, but it didn't wish associations as well. I mean

11:12 Is Parson bit of Anglo philia in that? We really forgot. Why would a mouth was we just had the name. Would you guys do you had a stick balls and they had dances on Saturday night or Sunday reminder that sell with the head of the committee music and I bought the booze Coke and Pepsi Cola bedtime a Kroger card that time. Anyway, you're very very nice dances and girls came and they were there to using My Humps the Robbins ever called. That's the only Girls Club Maccabees a very famous name.

12:12 The clubs located in in storefronts or in the synagogue or we had we had it in the synagogue to sell a club. That was only 4 years of high school, but that was just for fun.

12:27 I know that was playing cards and forgetting girls down there dancing and stuff. Like that wasn't really know much you're older than we were 18 at that time. That was older. I'm getting too old for this. I see I see I see any guys are going to the Army. Most of them were drafted during listed like I did and they all went to Mary way until we came out and everyone started get married on the guys smell their real name Jake my dad my friend died and my friend Boston to London.

13:09 Tarzan Tarzan has it high club 91. I caught a tossing contest Miyake orchester one time and I could build the secret. Osmond pictures are coming out of that tight and they try to get some guys that look like tossing. Hi, I've been believing to have blond hair with 6ft tall 18 years of age and older maybe I remember anymore, but it was a funny kind of think. He won the kind of screws all the guys really have a dream dreaming of pants and a shirt on these dumb guys are up there. And I think they went fine. If I wasn't too bad was it a movie or something and go to the club release date together for quite a while after the after that. We got married natural eye children. We always got together neither picnic or for Gathering and we all went to wrong way. We all different kinds of things.

14:09 I went into one business hours in a candy store business after the Army when it to the dry cleaning business for many many years before I went into the shoe business dime work for a very famous brassiere concerned and Donald that I bet she had his room for him. He still has it today manufacturing ribbons. They're all different kind of kind of together. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I under that was about it might just as well when I got married and had children. So so so so you guys are went in after the death of Pearl Harbor that every right after the draft was the night the Pearl Harbor Day of Prayer.

14:53 It was a Sunday and I was working downtown at a place store called Mildred very famous store on 57th Street right up Fifth Avenue. I had worked I was working for a sick place during the week and they were doing your clothes out for Bloomingdales. I remember distinctly because they sent me down to get coffee and stuff at 11:12 in the morning. And that's just when Pearl Harbor and I came back and told him about Pearl Harbour. I see you've heard about it first. I heard about it first in this Cafeteria on the corner of 57th and 6th and I had gone to when I went back and told the guys working in this place Henry George and we will talk about it on the radio and cafeteria or the radio. In fact, it happened later is 12:00 or 12:30. The Giant game was being played football game football game and is in the news went on about the severity of his attack. They made an announcement at the boat at the Polo Grounds where they played for the New York football Giants are playing that alarm service manual.

15:53 Work back to their units immediately. I remember that is clear as a bell.

15:58 And if they did which I guess they did and we would talk about it would became big big news. You know, I just kept going and it was a very a very exciting day and you don't we all knew that you went back to the moon and back to Vacaville grooming bag of this place to room. We work in the warehouse room. We're going to 7th Floor. We were measuring good that we were going to run a trailer know the odds and ends at milgram's fancy interior of the time on 57th Street and

16:35 If I remember correctly, the guys was stunned their older they weren't involved in the draft a draft was going on for quite a while before that. My brother Lenny was drafted and the July of 1941 and he was overseas.

16:55 Before December 7th. He was on his way to a stray Leah McCarthy. First took the leading troops to to Australia MacArthur MacArthur Rd, Victorville slip back today. I went overseas myself later on to United Kingdom and I was in Scotland and north northwest in pots Garden patch grow store in Aberdeen months and months in Ireland in Northern, Ireland.

17:41 Then I went down to work the England. I worked out of London as a control tower operator has for my voice is arrest me use my voice so much. Anyway, here's an interesting. Of time of my life for years. I've been in the Army do I didn't see too much action as I guess. I'm happy about. Yeah, me too, but I came back home. And of course, I started my candy store from orbit about this when you were in London with with any bomb with a livery bombs. No, no, that would be bombs that were but I never had heard one. I never said I don't think I ever saw one when I show the results of them, but I don't remember them coming at that time cuz I went to it London it was later and I don't think the Germans were Pitbull anymore because we had done the invasion.

18:32 He didn't have to do that yesterday.

18:38 I went to London must have been oh gosh close to 45 after the Battle of the Bulge. I know what might have been even later in 45 like the boulders in in December 44. I went missing in London, July 45 if it were that almost after the war in July 45, I think it was around then that I got that I was stationed in which was good for me, you know is Novi bombs in my life and that that was good. So I had a good stay overseas. You know, I was just I was kind of lucky. I was kind of lucky there and back after the ships there and back yet. If you ask me right now will come back but but yes, but I don't remember right now the trip over was interesting caseras.

19:34 New Hanover nun

19:36 And 43 1/45 year inducted in 42 42 year later you a year later training okay with training wheel that time training.

19:48 Yes, whenever end of 43 Got7 members winter time or is cold and we had eight men to every bunk. It was a SS Crystal. It was a South American cruise ship that they converted into a troop ship with a 8 month baby bump. What do you make men to a bunk mean? I mean you had it meant every bit and a bun for piled I think for hire 506 I if I got now so there was a lot of guys in this big room and you had the bed. I think only three or four hours a day was eight men will go only 3 hours a day. So maybe there's only six men now could be I got Mormon maybe Foreman we had a 6 hours a day. So you had 6 hours to sleep, you know, if I don't like that and then not worth while I can't discuss it so bad.

20:39 Because the ship was kind of Rocky was a it was a it was winter time in North Atlantic right? There was a South American cruise ship right devoid of any kind of balancing or whatever they use to keep her even-keeled is a horrible trip over land in England in Swansea Wales. I landed and took a train to stornoway just come there then I remember spending even a couple of days and Weld and it was interesting to go to Scotland by train my first time overseas of go ahead. Yeah. I was only a few of us.

21:17 Two other men, so why don't you and what else have their own assignments? Yes, just time for me. Before. I was put up into this thing. It was more of an air traffic control system up in stornoway within a week all about that control cars that control what they call it though, because it Airways Communication System what happened? We had troop movements at your moments plane movements coming over from America flying the North Atlantic route, which consisted of Goose Bay Labrador and Iceland tours.

21:54 Make it through the night and then green green land was Bowie West Green in first in Iceland and then down to us. We were still on the way they flew over. It didn't even lay in their on their way to Glasgow Prestwick airport with a big beaches airport where they want to be 17 flights landed that went down to the Air Force bases in Southern England to do the bombing runs over Germany and France Riders thing. So like what we like living in the stone away from that was great. That was interesting Chris Arizona unit 27 g i z on his British base and it was far from the war one time. I Had a Brain Stew experience house in a control tower on and on a plane was flying over came over head and I couldn't see any kind of mocking John and I can without a plane doing up there and I called the major on the intercom.

22:43 And I should deserve the time. And identify the aircraft flying close to to the tower, you know, because big blue slow at that time he's able to give it a give it a light then I'll give it a green light. So I kept calling you a trip that there's no answer. I took my gun, but they correlate.

23:01 A lamp for the green light in the red light for landing trajano and I kept shooting the green light on it. No respond to flew around came back again play again at us. I took out my flare gun and shot a flare in the air green flare giving you permission to land. They let you know planes landing then he came by to third time very low and honest Wings was plastic is it was a German plane, you know, he's a lost or kidding around or we're just down from Norway or somewhere. Well, of course with the biggest joke on the air-con on the base for quite a while. Anyway, she attacked him or no one ever good. I mean only have the flare gun.

24:01 Fighter fighter aircraft it had really wanted head of importance with a weather station. I ain't got the receipt weather center balloons weather balloons. That was the most important part of it and they had to weather station near r e f and American and that weather went down to Eisenhower's off Shake headquarters decided when they were going to do the invasion of but a branch and was a very important. Anyway, it was always upgrade study. I was a very interesting stuff and I mean to have the mud such a 27 Americans divided weather cryptography and teletype.

24:53 Yeah, I sure miss. Yeah, I know it was interesting. Very interesting. Of my life and how did the RAF guys that get along with you guys?

25:05 Cool night not warn you were friendly together. But we were in competition you do making fun of each other's accent than a harmless and we should drink a lot of beer there a lot of scotch and I must say the drinking there is rampant has grossed out of my mind my career right then and there were a lot of his beer and me to go to have we had a NCO Club which the British were there and we were there, you know sergeants and I'm used to hang out there and drink beer at night or off duty cuz she really wasn't much else to do in town was one movie house in the town of stornoway, which is now a thriving Community out here one movie which is a silent movie. No talkies, which is interesting in its beak in 30 too much about that. But there's a lot of girls there if in like

26:06 As blue as it is today. So I would quite interesting and I came home and have 46 discharge in February in charge music for after the after the after everything in the sea. I didn't have my point for low because my main headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, I belong to a group called The Army Air Force Air Force communicate Army Airways Communication System there but there was no Air Force at that time of the year. Cool temperatures are core in the US Army. We were apart of the army and

26:38 And might my points were low going to come back point. It wouldn't give me the combat points, even though I was overseas because they are my are my headquarters in California, North Carolina to spend time. You are already been time enough, North Carolina. No, never never there are more time in England Then I then I could afford it later on. I heard that you could have made a complaint to it, but it wasn't worried about having a good time. I had nothing back home. I was married and if it had not my wife and I didn't have a job to come back too. And I was enjoying London in the Waterford. I'll tell you where I was stationed at the end of the war in a white Ford England 30 for 30 miles out of London, but the truck used to go in all the time to listen to London if you wanted and what was a nice town and head for sure. I had four jar.

27:32 And there was cracking a lot of people there are a lot of girls in that time. I was getting older since my 20 but that time and that was my Army Career just about

27:50 Then I went back home and into business out of my business. The candy store has discharge pay the credit on Mars right around the corner for a living when he let yes and it was interesting. I used to work to shift. So he's working 6 in the morning till noon and 6 at night till midnight and he worked in the middle and a lot of bug shift cuz we be sure that cuz I was single and live with my mother and my sister that wasn't married my twin sister and

28:37 It was weird that stuff for your neighbor's interesting story. Used to hang around all the guys from the Army used to hang out until stories. They collected their 5220 are getting $20 a week for 52 weeks when you're out of the army until they found near work or something to do that was an interesting on a place to be and then I went to the dry cleaning business. I'll going back to the candy store. I know there's some stories involving life Fergie Ferg sample answer when asked you about the car Mutual event as well. What happened was some guy walked in one time.

29:12 And there he said that you guys want to go book horses take bets on horses. So we shall we don't even think in bets on horses while we'll get somebody to do it was just do it forces exotic guys hanging around the store in Lawton want to bet on horses and does reset. Okay, you know who make a dollar here and there and one of these guys but good friend of mine turn on Alcove. They trained him to take bets on horses when she did

29:39 Know what was a key piece of how was why why would they do with their what was special about you? Because a lot of guys hanging out her at a local store dollar store. And at that time you guys were in the mafia reminder Dade Street, the Ritz Bar was a good place to do they said protections and don't worry about it protection. Give me the 48th Precinct which of course was a lot like there's no way to prove it and until the day we got busted which happened in the strange ring. Some guy was sitting at the chance to have in his shoulder and a sandwich and

30:15 The best for going on in the phone rang and someone answered and took a bet and my brother was behind the counter at that time is afternoon shift and people this badge out cop arrested my brother-in-law and he went to the phone booth and cut the phone at that time. We had earphones Shepherd earphones in the mouth pictures of a fixed of the iPhone, but the earphone but Shepherd came on face.

30:45 Something and he cut the wires and they called me and I came to the store and I stayed in this for the rest of the day my brother took down town and book them, but they never you know, nothing ever happened. So I went to the response it. Where was that fix white play all that. We got the wrong Precinct 2. The book making my one illegal thing. I did write a note about her just in conversation and he was a nice fella. I'm hearing a show that store took the money and ran we open up a little bit of a drive back.

31:45 Do you print a hundred dollars but seriously, I would say we got at least $6,000 on really sure my older couple of bucks on it. But maybe I don't know. I think I would say yes to everything. Yes Eminem moreton-in-marsh. Okay. It sure is Marcin walking should have been held until she's very confident man. I met a bain-marie, which that's what we spent the money on at the sandwich guy asking thing and experience the great thing is when I went to school I think later on my lady is I went to college and when I graduated I was picked over 50 years of age. I had a part in the back of my house 90 people to class. When do you remember that at all? Sure, if I was there but sons of that my mother was there my hands were there my uncle to their my uncles that came from Europe were there everybody was?

32:45 Then I was very honored because I was going to read I was a graduate to cut my bachelor Bostic. No doubt is my associate of Arts degree party, right? I know if I love you all so very proud accomplishment in my life.

33:12 That was just great. I had a good time for okay. Okay, sounds good. So let's talk so you so what's up with Mommy? Yes, I have had I haven't I met her I met somebody in the synagogue how many went I'm steady idle lovely girl for me cuz you know, I was single and I was 25 years of age and I was myself you know, how it's going pretty. Well you drive without you by then. I was a dry cleaner at that time. He was at it was dry cleaner. It was affecting her. Timers in Astoria, and I was doing pretty good. But I'm at a car and I met Ida and synagogue was a man that has Uncle work for juniors belts and I hung out and make them work for him. And you recommend me. You know, what kind of me and I called Ida Rupp you went out on a date tonight, and I was pretty

34:12 Nervous about the whole thing and we left without paying the bill and for the life of me. I want to go back and pay him and I can't remember the name of the restaurant in City Island.

34:29 Now, I'm pretty sure it's in City Island. I think city island that she was also a god with me. So I don't remember for the life of me. I don't remember the life and weather going to be in then I remembered my wife and we got along famously that was in October of 49 and went together for quite a while and I will marry December 2nd 1959 34 years because 35 years in December she behaves

35:12 And that was pretty good, Where was where was the movie living while we lived in in the Bronx? We lived in an apartment in Factory lived in apartment building right next to my mother-in-law.

35:28 If you move there then yes, that's where we went to the apartment there. And that's where we had you you were born in that apartment cuz I figure Avenue. Yes on Cruger Avenue in the Bronx right on Cruger Avenue in the Bronx now in Mesa.

35:43 And I was neglecting visit that time and then the dry cleaning doesn't have little problems and I went to work for his father in French department store on Tremont Avenue, very well-known store Tremont Avenue in Monterey in New York in the Bronx that work there for a couple of years.

36:05 Then he had some problems are and I opened up the dry cleaning store in Holland. I had to dry cleaning store on Lenox Avenue 127th Street in Harlem for a few years. I sold that one you bought that big American Drive in cleaners on Long Island Hicksville. I was there for years show that for a quarter of a million dollars that's opened up in Coney Island in the trunk of that and the fact I just passed their last week. Would you believe it? I went to see the previews to it's quote Kurt clean is this this brain and bought my trump cleaners change the name from Trump Detroit. His name is pretty. Trump would never go anywhere and I had that stuff for quite a while and then from a nut but other than playing you at that time. We bought a house in Plainview.

36:53 And now all we got to have some Plain View at that time cuz I was going to snow is going to school when it says industry business and then I left I left the cleaners and went to the shoe business friend of mine recommended I buy other kind of shoe store in Harlem on 125th Street off Lenox Avenue, someone had died and they want to get rid of the store. So I went to look at it. I've never been the shoe business and I ended the shoe business in started industry business and I was very very successful the bed sores a small store, but I created a lot of Medicaid business going on at that time. I moved for biggest store then I'll write up a hundred 25th and Lenox. Then I bought another store. One in Parkchester one down on 23rd Street and 8th Avenue still they are both still has not there, but the others are still there and a store in the Bronx on 48th and Willis lot of medicated that time.

37:45 Enderman

37:47 How is pretty good and I was at the shoot into shoe store in Harlem for 30 years 35 years of them. I went to college. I did my my high school equivalency exam. I took my 6 month course in college preparatory English and did eight years it then my you and I'm very proud of that accomplishment. We had an apartment, of course in New York on 12th Street and 5th Avenue perfume sex while I was going to school which is very good as being medicated that time and school work and Mommy used to come in. We still go out quite a bit in the city. We love the city and the rent back to Plainview and the kids left and I moved to Plainview and I moved to New York City where I live today 21 years, which was great.

38:32 Is Motrin years even in New York City? I think 21 22 years were the one that I really don't blame you 28 years later on and we had a house in Florida for 13 years was nice to meet you down there quite a bit. So so I want to know my my career which is still going on. By the way. I did a school this morning 729 figuration down on Mott Street. Tell me that this time you tell me what this way about this morning for uniforms and we had a fit the children this morning. So we want to just a really Christian children had tested say this and later part of the morning. I went there with a crew and from 7:00 to 9:00. The Chinese parents came in with their children and we measured each one.

39:25 And the maid that form the made out the size it took the sizes. They have the sampled and there weren't that very very well very well and uniform guy was there too and it worked out really wonderful. Well, when you come back in September again to deliver the shoes to them and it's a great school just one of my earliest cuz I got about 20 years. I have great faith. We went down there right you were there. Right? Right, right. Right. Right, right a great evening any else. I'm so proud to be with the next time. I mean you spent years in Russia that in Russia and he spent years in school July. I look at Mommy in here one of these days. I hope your mother didn't spend all my money out there and I hope she'll think we'll find out your net 14 days to take home with you? Shopping that food parade and then that food stores.

40:25 Yeah, I'm believe it. Yeah. Yeah, I just had a lot and it's been fun. Thank you. Thank you. Both very very much was great and you can have a quick question to ask if we are going out. I'm okay. I was with you always have all these old songs like that song Pani my Nicolet High that's an old Vaudeville. I don't think so. Come from your grandfather. Maybe I don't remember where that thing. But that wasn't my fault questions about all these old jokes. Now, I now I feel but it was old jokes and used to have I wonder that some of that likes to repeat them. I said you would like to come from and I just wanted to hold you to show what the black man that song that's on.

41:25 Self is not I didn't change my Cheetos water, but I think your house and you are mine English. She couldn't read or write but I know I know but you was able to show him smoking machine ever thine ever members we can get it to me at all feeling good and be nice, but I know she she didn't forget any any Yiddish to me. Yeah, very really use if someone came in to get it but we didn't speak at the house around my sister can speak it at all. Haha and I picked those mine up for my wife. I'm from my my in-laws. Haha. So it wasn't too much. It is spoken in my own. Okay, we'll have some more dialogic invitations later how you speak Yiddish. Thanks very much.

42:23 It was great.