Yermiyahu Ahron Taub and Pearl Gluck

Recorded November 26, 2005 Archived November 26, 2005 43:09 minutes
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33 year old woman interviews her 38 year old friend and soul mate about their friendship, relationship to a shared Hasidic past, and their respective dream boyfriends.

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Never “home” that’s what defines me. When I left (the Hasidim) it was to continue to move. Like a pathetically wandering Jew.
What was it like when you went back to your family? Confirms my feelings. Family remains open to me.
We should just get married. Ultimate “front” marriage.
In our worlds we are not Jewish enough, from the outside claustrophobically Jewish.
You have grandeur that gay men love and straight men fear.


  • Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
  • Pearl Gluck

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Grand Central Terminal


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00:02 So, my name is Pearl Gluck and 33 years old. Today is November 26th 2005. Where a Grand Central Terminal and I'm speaking to my soulmate and friend are in town.

00:20 My name is Jeremy Jeremy. Yahoo! Are until been 38 years old. Today is November 26th 2005. We are at Grand Central Terminal and I'm speaking with pearl Gluck my friend.

00:35 So I'm

00:38 And do you remember when we met I do Pearl. I don't think I've ever asked you like if you really remember like the first time you met me why don't you recount the original narrative it takes me back to I don't know if you knew that but I was editor or associate editor whatever I take old magazines with a Jewish magazine in New York now moved to California through Michael Lerner and I met this incredible guy just blew my mind cuz I just come I mean if I came from college, but originally from healthiest world. So there's very little of the complexity of New York City that I really knew and in walks this guy would like long hair, you know always like me with always with my bag on my back here. We had his bike on a sec is an anarchist any organic estate know he's a guy was involved with the whole squatter issue. I think you were in the early 90s. His name is Eric goldhagen, and he's the kind of guy that like any editor of any magazines love to hate but needs desk.

01:38 Play for so many reasons and I and I think Eric left that you know that they can relate just stand for everything. He stood for someone who thinks he introduced me to was that kind of Lower East Side early Williamsburg scene of Art and them so he invited me to a party that was kind of an immoral. It was not a part of you is like a public art action, which I think was done by a friend of yours are mechanical was involved with it at the time yet. And and then you would be much later. So I go with him to this event just blew my mind. I just loved it and it really spoke to me so many ways cuz I really don't understand the language and so I enjoyed it the way you understand the language. You don't eat the way you enjoy your language. You understand. It's like poetry and I'm an old railroad building I have hollowed out there was like Stone paths everywhere candles everywhere candles is like a dance event.

02:36 I think it meant there's movement right? Sorry nothing and it's too much of a category and they really were Beyond category. I think it was an auto repair & Auto Repair shop or something cuz they're like these tracks on the floor isn't but you weren't there you were there. I didn't meet you at night instead. The person I met was the guy Lloyd remember I was walking down this long hallway and walking toward me is this, Adonis like character? I was drinking so he look like Adonis to me at the time. He's handsome along with him, my memory of his truck. He had a an excellent truck. You drove me home from college one. So I remember him from Brandeis and we started to talk and I was like a mad crush on this guy and I looked like it was Mutual at the time. So we went out and like threw rocks into the water the East River, I guess it was right the East river that separates Manhattan from what is now highly

03:36 If I didn't very sad to see Waynesburg anyway, so there we were throwing rocks in the water and chatting and asked me what I did and it's time. I was fiction and poetry editor of response magazine. Remember that contemporary Jewish review response. Yeah, and he said and I had just had a phone conversation with you just a couple days before that about your poem which is just so beautiful. And I know if you remember that conversation, I don't remember the conversation and I think this narrative kind of changes every time you tell her that I loved it. And so it's it's Network. He said that their phone and I think you you told me that time you enjoy the conversation and it was good. I think we took out a couple of lines or are you explain why something was there? We might have moved something or we didn't but we talked about it and I just

04:36 Your work as when he told me that I was like, oh wow. That's great, you know fast forward.

04:44 Was it 2 months later? You'll find me and you sitting in the kitchen at 3 in the morning when there should be Pillow Talk between me and my then lover and it's Dad. There's me and you and the kitchen chatting into the night with by was very rare for you to be up. That way. I was going to say it's highly unlikely that I was up at 3 in the morning, but, that this is all about how Lloyd and I haven't seen each other and how many years and you and I have become fast friends sent to this is definitely what a great way to celebrate but it's kept me you are to me.

05:31 What it would have been nice for the vilna going to have been too early for sedum.

05:37 Like that kind of that really upset you. I just know no, wow. We're just kind of the more passionate off-kilter seemingly off-kilter.

05:49 You know tree-hugging my bras and the vilna going on with you like that. The only kind of gun was a strong critical and your background is what it is in itself was a reaction against the kind of rigid legalism upper Bennington is home and it's all about getting back to the land interest entering the forest in becoming closer to God through nature without reflection and in a way, it was radically Democratic although some of that change later with the formation of dynasties, but it's what is Primal Jose Gonzalez is it?

06:30 It's not so much about how much time would you master? But how close you can come to God and good works that you can do that or that results from that movie called Vegas cleavage with hot. But yeah, my background is different. I was raised in ultratax Toshiba World. Which in his own why was quite wonderful. There was a lot of singing there's a lot of dancing as well. It was very tell me one of the best Israeli the list so I can leave she but I went to the Tomb of the things you do Philadelphia where my father is a r a b. I went there for two years as per the title the institution tell Michael. He's Shiva focuses on the television focuses on that rigorous study for the same with different emphasis. We had hasidim in Orange Devon. We can go to ya.

07:21 We still do but it was a slightly different Focus. I can't imagine them be studying the same as she felt like back in the 1790s or early 1800 by then and then do it now. Why do you think they can mix because those sharp divisions or less emotional now in each of those movements at the time, I wasn't clear like what has a dozen would do and how far would go and with a really threatening with an excuse him and now it's through the divisions of all been kind of mapped out but you have the communities do generally tend to stick together and being crafted to become a revving just like I found it was fairly clear that I was not going on that path fairly early on I just model.

08:22 Wrapping material as long as I didn't have it. I didn't have that the kind of

08:31 That separates the stories elements that make someone without a Corrigan or something. It's so interesting that you say that because of the exact opposite of what I think of it which makes sense because my background

08:43 I don't see a r a v a separate mysterious and in fact his exact opposite to get even home ideas for you to be super close. So I just mean that mr. Is element that creates that I don't I never had a I ever had and I was always sort of a marginal figure even in this evil world like really early on I was reading novels and literature and I just know it's not and the Kamara doesn't really I mean, I admire it I admire this worth of Elegance legalism of at all, but I don't consider.

09:17 Myself to have that kind of mind. So you're saying the gemara doesn't what about novels.

09:26 I think it's a different the kind of things. I'm interested in how much are the kind of emotional truth are not reflected and the language of the Kamara. Although they can be deduced and they're certain parts of the car on Saturday. I got da the story time in tomorrow. I mean, you know at the moment so somehow I don't know where we got this message. We should focus on that and you know here is like really laid out for me, but we would never have met even if we were both brought up exactly the same way me being a girl. I've never been an issue. But with you, I mean your education was completely separate. What's Kamar in English. I never

10:27 I think very similar probably knew your background. I mean, you know, obviously there's one to Aurora and I'll do study it but how you do it is different and in my end and so obviously sincere men or boys can sit and learn exactly you were sitting in learning and probably with the same rigour the the change the difference of passion vs. Rick Ness around the page with much more. I think you just said that back when they were farmers or and couldn't do you shiver with the word so, you know poverty-stricken or peasants or whatever. They couldn't go to Yeshiva and the rabbits were telling that's okay, you know and that in the song If I can let me not to go in but yeah those critics critics of Athena's armor saying is not good with literally meaning opponents they were saying

11:14 That's not enough that you have to send them to the sitting and learning is taking place now and I'll see if it's real enough for girls. Obviously so crucial that we did learn a lot and we know how to write. What's the current? What's a kissogram? What's that a geographer to tell me how to find my own words level 9 7 I mean that includes the Book of Esther the date again. It's a fairly well-known tournament includes the Book of Esther The Book of Ruth studied as I get older and the translation could be in Hebrew if you're like in the upper classes, but otherwise, it's in Yiddish cuz you dishes lingua Franca. That's and I think you were also speaking it at ya.

12:14 Not yet. How come you get a chance for us was in the air if I gave us in Yiddish by learning to be sure, but we did not mean the reason for its Expressions, but it was not the lingua Franca of our house. And that's another thing that separates Orthodoxy Shiva Judaism private citizen because contemporary us even speak Yiddish. It's so funny cuz we are getting a little claustrophobic lie to us, aren't we? I think so because within 2 days and they're all the breaks but never forget about all the sex with him preceded them and then all the different groups within yeshivish worm is nachtisch IED opposer to but you know, there's all that those breakdowns and there's a popular ones that people most people know about this the Orthodox conservative reform and Reconstruction. Did I skip anything?

13:13 I tried that right there's so many flavors are in a boat with an orthodox Adidas Ultra Orthodoxy and with an ultra-orthodox. See there's a good'un / Miss nachtisch / live fish with literally means Lithuanian doesn't and then you have under for Sedum all those other breaks. All those groups have specific with Bamm-Bamm from really have those kind of demarcation. Semi. Yeah. There's modern Orthodox ultra-orthodox that depends like Xavier yarmulke is for you. In a show where women are separate. I mean the separation between men and women in the same habitat went down and got a gram or if it's like more can a cowboy hat color what color clothes?

14:13 What clothes are always signifiers? I mean by Otherwise I've been around study and then there is the external signals of where you belong in your community and for women in particular. It's also I mean, you know, all those things are changing so dramatically like you walk on the streets of Boro Park and I can't believe how sexy some of those are sexy, but it can't be revealing you can be clingy, but you can't reveal flash. I mean wonderful.

14:51 You know and the wigs with your mental I cover your hair is so that you don't show your hair for married women over married women only make them even more sexy than I mean the stuff I go through with my hair are some days. I wonder if I should have just put the shake on the way God. Oh my God for your dream man you but you have to switch sides or I switch sides and be satisfactory enough for you.

15:25 You're not answering my question. Oh my God. I'm avoiding it. What am I looking for in a man? Let's see Kai dream tree boring. So typical of your handsome profile.

15:45 Mary think I'll sell you at Sinai which I'm actually trying what the hell why not that's based on the whole leg. So it should say even though it's not going to mess. It's in the Torah that we were all at Sinai Exquisite Rush see the commentary says that we were all at Sinai their souls were all they are. We don't see each other before and we're just going to continuously You Know gilgil M. You know, the lost souls to keep coming back until she comes into the Messiah comes highly, Messianic.

16:14 You don't maybe Michelle will come when I get married. Maybe that's why we're all waiting for the attic Matt everything but the qualities for your dream man. And now I know I'm avoiding it's hard. It's easy. It's very easy, and it's typical a good sense of humor. Big heart was a turning into like a personal ad.

16:34 Looking for in a man. I love how you just turn the question back on me without you answering at all.

16:43 What is my dream man?

16:47 My dream and is in uniform.

16:50 Take a pill in on every now and then probably not in one all the time. Pepper. Italy literacy is playful. He is patient.

17:12 He's presents he is.

17:16 Confidence

17:20 But not arrogance.

17:23 He is Serene, but also keep calm anger when needed a nice person some things. That's beautiful. Thank you. I wish that on you similar to you. I don't know exactly what you're looking for still.

17:45 Along similar lines, but I think for me probably someone who can do the kind of flirty fun thing likes likes being out there, but at the same time probably a little more it was strong in me is that we just be I don't know either one's fine. I think respect. That's the most important thing is mutual respect and honesty like, I I think what I find most people are so afraid of doing is telling you they're really thinking and I think that when you know, you're really connecting with someone and there's just a complete honesty is Fearless because you do not afraid and cuz you trust that what the other person is saying is not meant in a negative way you believe it is so you're not afraid of saying what you're really thinking and someone who travels perhaps. I know you traveled widely with your film Devon.

18:45 Well, it's actually even deeper than that what you think, you know, it's like the whole traveling thing might be a big element of why I veered or traveled from the world that I came from, you know, like leaving this world. I wish I don't really think of is a departure. You're the story about the fifth time. Who how would you describe the farthest? I am alive in the eighteen-hundreds Ice Age right not deposited. But in my War anyway was definitely part of my story Mythic story books and stuff. So on anyway, he was the kind of guy who's always only with what he needed in life and us and one of his students are contemporary. Asked him. You know, why is it that you only have this one set of clothes or this, you know, we take care of you we feed you and give you enough money to live. You are Rabbi. Why are you living in such a humble?

19:39 Environment I need to let me ask you something. When you go on a trip. Do you take all of your belongings your furniture your chandelier? Do you take your beautiful new, you know table offset and you know the doilies and all that by the way, I have in my home and chandelier take that with you or do you just take the the belongings that you need? And when you come home your back when you're in your surroundings, and of course the students that I take exactly what I need and he said well, that's me in this world. This is the world that takes me to the world to come. This is not home and I think about that a lot like that sense of

20:18 You know, which is funny because I'm such a packrat and I love collecting things that used to belong to others anyway, so maybe it's not it's within the same story. But I do think that I'm not ever home, you know, and that's not a bad thing. I find that that kind of displacement and that for lack of better term Arjun nowaday is what defines me so that didn't make any sense of acetic world that I was in at the time, which is also why I don't think I really left home look like to do. I'm not sure that he needs to look like anyting. I think the continuous Quest might be the home for me and that's what I mean. Like, I don't think that that kind of searching or travel, you know, or, you know flea marketing could d

21:05 You're saying you don't have a lot of heavy baggage I do but I carry it with it could be heavier if I wasn't moving so much. So that's the good news and it's funny cuz I'm a Taurus which is meant to be like the kind of heavy bullish presents and I have that but it's also ironically or maybe you know contradictorio really contrastingly light, you know, because that's what I'm saying is I would never have fit in a world that is so deeply rooted. So did we were there still wearing the clothes the pathetic people don't people are still wearing the clothes the 18 hundreds of Polish nobility. I mean, it's so did the man in particular course and write that hasn't moved. So for me when I quote unquote left, it was mostly to just continue to move and I couldn't continue to move in that world, you know.

22:01 You know, I mean prophetically Wandering Jew like Stalin said let's drink to that we should sing to that. You know, when you go back. What's it like for you when you go back into the Pacific world when you go for you on 2 for the holidays it confirms how much I don't belong which as we just said earlier is partly home like for me. It's okay. It was really rough in the beginning and you know, I have to attribute the Comfort to my family because they've just remain still open in wonderful and I think it's because they're finally enter my film there which they were very afraid of because it was so open about a critically but lovingly look at the world that I came from or come from and they were so worried that that was an exercise that that was going to create a serious divide between us and in the end I think abroad

23:01 Closer, we just goes to show you what I said earlier that Honesty, you know, like not being afraid to be honest about what really is going on cuz look what might happen and it was amazing me to bring tears to my eyes thinking about you when I go back at reminds me of that and it gives me the strength to meet people who are still operating on a different level. Very judgemental very superficial seen me with my crazy hair or whatever it is or my inner inappropriate glass are looking surprisingly tame today. Yeah, and I think your effect on me. Like I said, the only go into the casino in Erin to Pearl to tame the Phoenix Cruise.

23:36 The madness

23:39 God I did always like Austin's Madwoman in the Attic.

23:43 How is related to that mad woman who doesn't write?

23:49 Sometimes I wanted a husband to anyway, so back to the perfect man. If there is such a thing it would be someone who could as you said travel with me but not in a literal get on airplane way. But like kind of my feel the same way about like the lines between things he who draws them with those lines and why did the first place and just enjoying them or refuting that was necessary? You know, so I think you function in that world to you or someone is very disciplined in my mind. You're very disciplined and yet you keep Crossing that line with line across you you continuously surprise me.

24:32 How do I do that? Because it seems like you live in this very specific way like you you're very disciplined to me. I mean, you know compared to me and you do you do your work you have an amazing career. I've been gone for like Evo which is like your love is Yiddish and gone to like the New York Public Library and then you work there and then like your the library Congress, you know, you moved to Washington and leave Yer Urban love, you know, New York were there so many like intricacies that you can relate to and you go to Washington to see void seems to be before you that and I'm like, well, it's really quite beautiful home.

25:22 And there's something very Noble and inspiring about these Grand governmental edifices, you know, this isn't marble buildings that really representing the best of our country whether we live up to them and actually fulfill those democratic ideals another question, but just actually experienced, you know, just kind of feel founding fathers dreamed of I think some of those it sits in the air in Washington. And of course, the other reality has this incredible divide between rich and poor. It's really quite star constantly governmental areas and but Washington does of these little pockets of things in the request of Corky neighborhood is Duke Ellington was born there and there's a sense of

26:14 There is a sense of richness. It's not always easy to access but certainly lacks the kind of vibrancy and the ethnic diversity of New York people go to New York to fulfill their dream, you know to really make something happen your New York. It's not about where you come from. It's about what your project is. Who are you? What are you trying to accomplish? This is less. Let's have that where you come from and what you're doing and it's you have to kind of constantly prove yourself in DC anyway.

26:50 Did you come to New York for that reason? I fell in love with me or if it came to New York to study shows in Atlanta and Emory University and I am going to tell me about the program is co-sponsored by at that time was co-sponsored by Columbia and the evil Institute for Jewish research and now it is cuz once by NYU and UVO and I study dinners for two years and I worked on the summer program for two years as the assistant to the director and then it kind of moved into evil itself into the library will first in the archives in the library and just fell in love with that as a kind of amazing cause my place to buy Evo was founded and I-225. I believe in vilna which then was Poland and now is Vilnius Lithuania and was found his kind of

27:43 Jewish new school for social research facility, there are quotas and universities in Jewish students can get in the room. There was a need to train graduate students in the Jewish social sciences. So that's what you have came and then it gradually built up on his archives and library to support the research that was going on and during the War. What was then the American Branch became the headquarters. This is very clear that the destination to come with stomach wiper, you know quite far a chain and set the main branch of evil is moved to New York. And so I worked at Evo for some years on and off for like 9 years and now your Department's I mean, I just listened to your career. So I was saying earlier and you think your father would be like incredibly proud.

28:32 Do all my accomplishments r610 that we can call him accomplishments are peripheral and I love what I do. But for my father, it's about keeping Chavez and being a tour of the renew. Do you know that's you never forget like they are a beer whenever I went to space I can you be really hot day was just being basic. What if you'd only married woman that we nice a wound be grade. It doesn't matter that. I'm gay doesn't matter at all. It's like just marry a woman a man has to be with a woman doesn't really matter what you do in the bedroom. You can just get married make everybody having so I think we'd be like the ultimate beard with front marriage think of you as if you were wealthy poverty-stricken Jewish family, you know, your political work and your connection to

29:32 Issues of poverty specifically even Jewish Emagine Tuesday's porges Roy and the story to tell me you're amazing. I mean I certainly wasn't brought up in the lap of luxury either but you know that one thing you do not see this world released by a park and also Waynesburg as we care for we definitely care for a people so, you know along the lines of you having medleys marry a woman so it looks right. It looked right at home with taking care of but the stories you tell me just blow my mind, you know about that nothing ever. We were never hungry and I'm

30:09 Dysport five children and then to you know, it's it's very very little so the material was never you know, the main material comfort with not like a turd in my background at all. So I moved in from any here is it, you know, you talked about like Ruth's race class gender or like those of The Descent robes and what we are where is juice for than you know. You just bit into like this for the simplest a multicultural Triad and you know, they really don't cry level

30:51 And the fact that Jews are pores something that fact that you even our forges is not something that's really talked about in a sort of meaningful way or or even like me but certainly in our religious backgrounds. It's talked about all the time. Yeah. Yeah, but I perceive as readily apparent Trope, you know, if we have to get our poor Jews in to make this a representational paddle in our any event cuz it's not really talked about we're really uncomfortable around many twos are very uncomfortable talking about money and that might fit into that and again I say in the in the world outside of the world to come from and I think the world to come from to cuz in our world were always talking about ways in which you can be powerful in the community and with the important pillars of life, you know, give me less I didn't what is it again? It's Torah v'avodah and give me Las posadas.

31:51 Set amidst kind of goodies friend and in those do revolve around money and not you support those who said them learn or your son was at home when you get reported. They don't only revolve around the house. But then also helping helping people helping poor and that's something a bit the focus on stucco and righteousness is something that the left something seized upon one who tries to Crave but specifically Jewish left and I think about this a lot with you and me like, you know your departure from that world and we've already established a different those world are but still there similarities. In fact that they both ultra-orthodox and very faith-based and your departure from that world is like without trying to categorize a too much what kind of political and cut. It was very much based on what kind of art, you know, trying to express myself and Truth was never fit in an ounce is absolutely undoable and there's no question like

32:51 See you as someone is trying to make your identity fit into Orthodoxy. I see you was trying to make your identity be what it is and remain what you consider a Jewish. I don't really believe in the Divide between secular and religious. I mean, I think it's like to see it more as a Continuum and I don't identify as secular to in the way that you do the Jewish labor blind in the 19th century century was trying to create a secular Yiddish kites, you know about the Swedish guys. I don't really see myself as that's not my background interested in you know, that the impulse towards religion that most people in the oven what happened later. You know, how religion is often used to separate people in the crate, you know, terrible Wars and bloodshed is kind of horrific result, but the actual impulse towards female seeking that something greater. I think it's ultimately unknowable one.

33:49 Yeah, and I it was interesting is that I and this is what I meant earlier but more of your discipline like in ironically it away you are very much more tomorrow than I go to do. You know, someone is much more interested in a kind of religious / legalistic reality and me I'm like always caught up in the stories and also tried not trying to recreate out here, you know something new or ardently secular were different than the world came from it's more about looking back, you know, like Lot's wife and not being afraid to turn to stop looking back and bring it into the world that I have today when I have from the world I came from and in my way. I think I crossed lines almost as a rule and it just seems like our conversation is always is we slip into each other's anyway, that's what I meant by the fact that it seems like you're almost you do cross those lines and it just seems like you might not let you do when you go there. I think you have to buy

34:49 Virtue of being as you said earlier marginal in your world, you know, you have you have to be there in the Storyteller. Sometimes it would have been so that you and I have talked about as hell in the Jewish world were seen either not Jewish or traitor as arbitrator is thyroid in the world, you know where I work at 2 Jewish as you said earlier claustrophobic, I do think that's where I was headed in a way like, you know, ironically we both have the Father Figure in comment where you know our fathers don't necessarily CSS Jewish enough in the outside world. I mean, I definitely don't see a situation of me yet. You know where we are today? And then where we are today those people around us is too Jewish, you know, and you know this summer I done which is about how I reconnect with my father or try to for the story of my great-grandfathers couch. You know that story

35:46 You know, it's meant to draw me closer to my father. And yeah, it's the first aid of community that I base it in but it could be any community and you know, I was told that it's too Jewish or claustrophobic lie to us and you know that reminded me of that but I think I'm in that Spirit of being claustrophobic way to Ash. We should keep Shabbos and today is Shabbos and maybe we should have a little Shabbos moment and you can read me from your palm called talent and then maybe we can sing a song If there's time to still do that.

36:16 As I get bubble gum on my book. You just back up girls and take a bubble gum out of their mouth and put on Mike cholent. You must know the perfect power of those potatoes the persistent wink of a yam the round green of the outer onion the clothes the traveled far from the caves of former colonies to seduce the most elusive of planks the list that cannot explain the way the chef was driven the Whimsical Grand of the Divine.

36:46 A man and that's when your booking insatiable song that just came out the next day. I must warn you that I think I have a different tune than you do for almost everyone. So you're so funny deeply we share everything. Let's face it. We just harmonized. Can we just harmonize? Should we do in the volume of a Nimbuzz veiny spies? But it's just easier. What's good words. I don't know cuz I wasn't one of my favorite. I love you. Let's do that one. So I think it comes doesn't come before the challenge challenges that bean dish that

37:46 You serve on Shabbos afternoon like a chilling volume and keep I should have asked her. I love her show him off book show me a picture as animal continue singing give to a picture of the whole family sitting around is noon. Even the girls. You can smell the challenge while sitting in your way to beautiful.

38:46 Song it's really beautiful. Well, we could and then one more national song is this is our bringing back to when was backward be moved into Friday night right before the chicken soup comes in and after the filter fish or a filter for this is such a way of cultural packets at the package of information for us people don't realize that it's you know, a lot of these are the Ashkenazi or all that comes from that area. We're not really living there huge bodies of water to be able to get enough fish for

39:46 Fish for Shabbos, right? You supposed to have Buster the dog in meetin fish and since they couldn't do it. They had to come up with an alternate of and see how it was called Sasha fish which is actually false fish which made of chicken nuggets at the fish, which is this much. I just makes it last longer plus vs. Expensive. It's still expensive should we have broke a million? I am not a fag hag.

40:13 It's just you please Paul you're so outsized. So you have all this Grandeur of the game in Love instrumental fear. So beautiful. Thank you honey. This is an occasion. Why was so close? He just keeps making me feel good. Keep it comin. I think it's the fact that I collect, you know, second-hand everything, you know, and I just Erica weiner weiner. I'm so inspired by that movie. By the way, I can assure does The Gleaners and I it's one of my favorite fireman's ball Milos Forman just appreciating me everyday at 5 to caymanas not refer and then said Academia, what were the camera make me a filmmaker? All right. Here we go last song.

40:58 She didn't do it ahead to eat young and I'm thinking, baby value. Yes that's inspired by the alcohol. You were drinking for Kiddush or after kid is you guys didn't get drunk like we did to do we didn't always and then section would have liked the Whiskey's in the better alcohol, which I'm not trying to genderbend but that's really where I Veer towards the women section. We have those awful cherry and banana liqueur and like who you kidding. Give me the good stuff.

41:58 That's where my father and I like we're still a little in common, but that's something like, you know, algebra alcohol drinking clock family is no coincidence that I called my company Pauling Cupcakes hours after the Hungarian Brandy, but then you got to know what works you like to party hardy in the right situation and I'm not nothing ever in a typical way. I think I could say the same of you.

42:28 I know you're not a nice person, but you do know how to party.

42:32 You could dance it up like the rest of them. I do love to dance you do.

42:36 Santa dancing at your rum

42:39 39 Premiere party, that was a really special moment for me to parties.

42:52 Well, I think we have to end our last it's time for lunch. So I'm okay.