Justus Rosenberg and Janet Harris

Recorded December 13, 2007 Archived December 13, 2007 39:18 minutes
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Justus Rosenberg tells friend and colleague Janet Harris of his work as a messenger for the Varian Fry Foundation and of his work during World War II for the American Rescue Committee, now known as the International Rescue Committee.l

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Justus shares his impressions of the Varian Fry Organization when he first began working with the group at age 15.
Justus discusses his background and being born in Danzig, and describes the effects of Nazi occupation during that time for Europe’s artistic and intellectual communities.
Justus remembers the members of the Varian Fry group and describes his living quarters in an old hotel while working for the organization.
Justus describes his attempt to cross over into Spain. He was arrested at the border.
Justus remembers his arrival to the United States in 1949 after traveling for two weeks. He describes the sites and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. ‘Now I’m really free,’ Justus remembers thinking.


  • Justus Rosenberg
  • Janet Harris

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