Virginia Delgado Taverna and Charles Taverna

Recorded April 19, 2008 Archived April 19, 2008 38:19 minutes
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Virginia talks to her son Charles about her experience in the work force

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Virginia’s first job was at a Five and Dime store at the register
Used her $5 dollar allowance to see triple-features
Recalls doing demonstrations to sell steel-cutting torches
Virginia explains the pros and cons of belonging to a worker’s union
Virginia wants to teach as long as she can


  • Virginia Delgado Taverna
  • Charles Taverna

Recording Location

Grand Central Terminal


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00:06 My name is Charles Taverna. I'm 23 years old and its April 14th, 2008 and Marine Grand Central terminal in Manhattan, New York, and I'm going to be interviewing my mother.

00:21 My name is Virginia to Verona, Virginia Delgado Taverna. I'm 55 years old today is April 19th 2008 on in Grand Central Station being interviewed by my son Charles.

00:37 All right to start off. I just like you to tell me a little bit about what type of work you've done in your lifetime.

00:50 Well

00:52 In my lifetime the very first job I had was as a cashier in a five and ten cent store and I love that job because I love pushing the buttons on the cash register.

01:08 I was 16. I was 14 years old. That's when you were old enough to get to get working papers. And so that was in 1960.

01:22 Let's save 66 1966 is when I had my first job and I probably made it.