Genesis Glass and Nancy Zook

Recorded June 9, 2021 Archived June 9, 2021 22:52 minutes
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Genesis Glass (19) talks to her new acquaintance, Nancy Zook (55), about being a mom, graduating from high school, her interests, and her hopes for the future for herself and her daughter.

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GG talks about graduating from high school.
GG talks about being having four generations of women surrounding her daughter.
GG talks about her teachers always being there for her.
GG talks about her desire to travel to various countries in East Asia.
GG describes herself and talks about what it's like being a mom.
GG talks about what she's proud of and what her goals are: to go to Eastern Illinois University and to become a nurse.
GG talks about her hopes for her daughter's future.


  • Genesis Glass
  • Nancy Zook

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00:03 My name is Genesis glass. I'm 19 years old, it's June 9th 2021 here in Chicago, Illinois. My partner is Miss duck. And we just met.

00:18 And my name is Nancy Cook. I'm 55 years old. Today, is June 9th, 2021. I am in Chicago, Illinois, BCA Academy. My partner is Genesis glass. And we just meant

00:38 You are getting ready to graduate and just a few days Genesis. So.

00:47 What is that feel like to you to be at this point in your life? Now what it feels like to graduate? It's exciting.

01:06 What it feels like to graduate in six, fighting is kind of weird. It's

01:15 I'm just overwhelmed by it.

01:21 Did you always know you were going to be here? Or did you never think you were going to get you? I never knew. I was going to be here. Always done it myself a lot.

01:34 What's changed since then? It's made it possible for you to get to this point. No, now that you're going to graduate would say, is.

01:44 My daughter.

01:48 You have a daughter.

01:50 How has that? What what effect has that had on your life? Having a little girl.

01:57 The fact that it had was it made me realize

02:05 That I can do it and I'm seeing is not just for me.

02:12 Her name is Johari.

02:22 When chinnari is your age? What do you want her to know about you?

02:31 Brenda Norris Wyatt. Don't want her to know that.

02:36 I'm strong.

02:44 Beautiful eye.

02:49 A great person.

02:53 I'm helpful caring.

02:59 You can, you can say,

03:04 Since I had my daughter, I

03:10 I know, I just, I stopped going outside. I don't go outside a lot. I stay in the house.

03:18 I don't have that many friends anymore.

03:29 But, you know, a lot of people get emotional when they do this, so just that's fine. And you're not the only one. Do you want to stay here? I am statements.

03:45 I am.

03:48 A mother. I am a daughter. I am a granddaughter. I am Dave, great-granddaughter.

03:58 Gaiam.

04:06 I am.

04:09 A high school graduate.

04:13 I am.

04:22 I am.

04:28 You can get your pay cuz we can come back to it. To I want to know. What is it like to have four generations. That's amazing. That you you said that.

04:43 To be a part of a family of four generations, is kind of

04:49 I would say weird, but it's not normal.

04:54 Some people don't have four generations.

04:59 Do you like that? You have all of that support?

05:04 Yeah.

05:10 It makes me work harder.

05:17 How would you? What were you like? When you were little, when I was younger, I was

05:28 I was a bad kid.

05:33 I did a lot of bad things.

05:40 How have you changed out that I've changed? Because

05:49 Of my mother.

05:52 Is just my mother.

05:55 And what did your mom?

05:58 My mom seeing

06:03 She made. She made her job look easy.

06:09 The job of being a mother.

06:12 She met her job as being a mother look easy, and it's really not.

06:23 What is?

06:26 Something about your high school experience that you will always remember something about my high school experience that I always remember is the teachers.

06:43 And what will you remember about your teachers?

06:47 I remember that my teachers were always there for me.

07:00 What makes you happy?

07:02 What makes me happy is to see other people happy.

07:09 What makes you frustrated? What makes me sad or frustrated is?

07:18 Seeing seeing people get picked on a lily.

07:25 If there was something that you could change in this world, what would it be something? I would change in this world is?

07:39 I'll change.

07:44 Special ed classes.

07:47 What would you change about special ed classes?

07:50 Something Archangel by special ed classes in.

07:55 Well, just let the nose Keys be with the rest of the kids to see how they interact with each other.

08:08 How would your mother describe you?

08:11 My mother would describe me as crazy.

08:18 Funny.

08:20 Irritating annoying.

08:31 I think she'll say that.

08:34 I'm pretty good.

08:37 Child.

08:39 Where, where do you want to be five years from now?

08:45 5 years from now, I want to be

08:53 I want to travel 5 years from now.

08:58 Where do you want to travel? I want to travel to South Korea, China, Japan Thailand.

09:10 What makes you interested in travel or makes me interesting and traveling is?

09:16 That I get to find out and learn more about different cultures.

09:25 Do you want to say? I am statements it in now. I am.

09:34 I am a mother.

09:36 I am a daughter.

09:39 I am a granddaughter. I am a great-granddaughter.

09:45 I am beautiful. I am smart.

09:49 I am hard working.

09:53 I am caring. I am helpful.

09:59 I'm loving.

10:02 I am a good friend.

10:09 What qualities? Do you have? That makes you a good friend. The qualities that I have been leasing. You good friend is, I'm always there, when any one of my friends call and

10:25 Anytime they are in trouble.

10:28 I'm there.

10:30 If they need advice, I'm there. If they need a shoulder to cry on. I'm there.

10:48 Advice that I'll give to Young high school student. That is juggling is

10:57 Keep going. You you'll get through it. It might seem hard at first, but it's really not.

11:04 Believe in yourself.

11:11 What makes you special? What makes me special?

11:18 I think what makes me special is that unique? I'm me.

11:29 Who is Genesis?

11:32 Genesis is.

11:37 Genesis is a very emotional sensitive.

11:46 Caring.

11:52 A good friend.

11:58 We're good. Mom, a good daughter.

12:02 A good granddaughter, a good great-granddaughter.

12:17 What's it like now being a mom?

12:22 What's it like being alone?

12:27 It's

12:28 Different. You see stuff.

12:32 Different from what you would normally see that.

12:35 You look at things, you look at the bigger picture things.

12:47 You could interview someone.

12:51 Living or dead, who who would want interview. Who do you want to talk to if I could interview anybody live in it?

13:02 I want to interview.

13:06 My grandma.

13:14 I want to interview her because

13:20 I want to know what kind of person she was.

13:25 When she was younger.

13:34 But your daughter like,

13:50 My daughters too.

13:54 She is very energetic.

14:00 She likes to stay up all night and watch cartoons.

14:09 She likes to eat nothing but snacks.

14:13 She loves going to the park.

14:16 She loves making new friends.

14:20 The favorite thing you love to do with your time.

14:24 My favorite thing to do with my daughter is

14:30 Take her outside.

14:41 Where you going? You outside?

14:44 When I go outside, we go to the park.

14:57 I'm proud of.

15:00 The person I've become.

15:04 I'm proud of.

15:07 The person my mother has made me to be.

15:13 And I'm proud of my mother.

15:22 What are you doing? After you graduate next week?

15:26 After I graduate, I'm going to

15:31 Go to college to become a nurse.

15:36 Do you know where you're going to go to college? I want to go to.

15:43 Yeah, you.

15:47 Eastern, Illinois.

15:54 What makes you want to be a nurse?

15:57 Oh, makes me want to be a nurse is.

16:03 Seeing my auntie help people when I was in town because she's also a nurse.

16:20 Is there anything that you've done thus far in your life that you look back on that you wish you would have done differently.

16:29 Something, I wish you would have done differently in my life is

16:41 Went to school.

16:48 Can you explain what you mean? What I mean is I never showed up for class.

16:57 Never did my work.

17:06 But now,

17:08 But now,

17:10 Looking back.

17:13 I should have went to class. Did all my work.

17:21 Going to do it for my iron statement.

17:24 You don't have to be the same.

17:34 I see.

17:35 I don't know what you're talkin about thinking that here.

17:39 Regis adventurous.

17:43 Strong. I don't know that I purchased those statements from you. I am.

17:50 Adventurous, I am strong.

17:55 Are you Curry gist?

17:59 I am unique.

18:09 I am someone who?

18:16 Love life. I'm someone who

18:20 Wants to travel.

18:23 I'm someone who wants to help people.

18:28 I'm someone who

18:33 Really cares for people.

18:43 You know, this is going to be, you know, what the interview is going to be used for us. Was there anything that you want people to know about you or that you want to say to people who might listen to this later on?

19:01 But what I want people to know about me is

19:11 I'm very

19:15 Very weird.

19:21 I don't like stuff. Most people will like

19:28 I don't I don't listen to rap music. I don't listen to.

19:36 This can you say I don't listen to American Music. I listen to a lot of Korean music or Chinese music, what time, music, Asian music, so loud that I love?

19:52 Asian dramas.

19:55 It movies.

19:59 How did you get interested in on them? I got interested in?

20:06 The Asian culture in general.

20:12 From an ad on YouTube.

20:17 What did the ad say the Adam on YouTube was about it was back in 2013 about a K-pop group.

20:30 Call DTS. I was just debuted.

20:45 Going to end up asking all kinds of questions television.

20:54 I hope so. My daughter is.

21:01 I hope she's.

21:08 High hopes.

21:16 I hope she don't be like me and high school or in school in general.

21:29 But you fun for her. What I want for her is.

21:37 I want her.

21:40 I wanted to be curious.

21:42 I want her to be open-minded.

21:48 I want her to be willing.

21:51 To try new things.

21:57 I want her to accept people for who they are and not want to change them.

22:20 Did I ask you for the most important person in your life?

22:25 The most important person in my life is,

22:31 My daughter and my mom.

22:48 You want to say anything else?