Genevieve Mitchell and James Chavez

Recorded April 14, 2023 Archived April 14, 2023 38:46 minutes
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Siblings Genevieve Chavez Mitchell (66) and James "Jim" Martin Chavez (64) come together to share memories of their grandparents on the Chavez and Tafoya sides of their family, as well as memories they have from growing up.

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Jim Chavez (JC) shares memories of his grandparents.
JC talks about his grandpa Felipe Chavez's love of fishing.
Genevieve Mitchell (GM) remembers her grandpa's garden and the time her grandparents came to visit for Lent.
GM describes her grandma Chavez.
JC remembers all of the relatives that used to pass through their grandparents' house.
JC remembers his grandma Tafoya making him scrape out a cow's stomach for the tripe.
JC reflects on the stories not told in their family and talks about the challenge of trying to learn more about their Native American ancestry.


  • Genevieve Mitchell
  • James Chavez

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Albuquerque Museum

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