Geoffrey Farris and George Farris

Recorded September 21, 2021 Archived September 21, 2021 43:10 minutes
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Geoffrey Farris (33) speaks with his father, George Farris (73), about his life growing up in Ohio and California.

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Geoffrey asks his father about his life growing up in Ohio - George explains that he was raised by his great aunt and uncle Florence and Harry Hart. He called them mom and dad.
George speaks about his home on the Ohio River and his best friend Marty K. Johnson.
George speaks about this birth mother who received a proposal of marriage and moved him away from his "mommy and daddy." They moved to Lancaster, California.
George speaks about his stepfather, Charles Haley, and his stepsister, Laura Ann Haley.
George speaks about the passing of his "mommy" Aunt Florence. He received emergency leave from Vietnam when he died, but missed the funeral.
He swore at his aunt's grave that he'd name his daughter Florence and never give another woman roses.
- George talks about Eugene Neal and Laura Medford his mother's parents who were from Virginia.
- George speaks about his stepsister and stepfather. He met his birth father at age 21. He shares that living in Lancaster was a lonely time.
- George was sent to boarding school in the San Fernando Valley. George started running away from the school going back to Lancaster. George, his mother, and stepsister moved to an apartment with Laura Ellen Nefford in Stevenson, WA where his birth grandmother had a farm.
- Chuck Haley and Betty Hart divorced before George entered the 9th grade.
- George explains that he was put into a foster home due to Betty and Chuck having drinking problems.
Geoffrey asks how his Dad got into selling shoes. George sharing a story about Nate Silver and a shoeshine kit
Geoffrey asks George about Vietnam and George shares a story about when he thought he would die.
George mentions not feeling the need to abuse the people he was fighting.
George met his wife Virginia Lee Farris in Hong Kong


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