George McDonald and Sarah Teagarden for Stonewall OutLoud

Recorded June 6, 2019 Archived June 6, 2019 31:10 minutes
Id: APP644080


George tells Sarah about being gay all his life, but only coming out at age 70 (just like Barry Manilow). He describes dating and falling in love with men during his 35 years overseas with Peace Corps and other organizations (in Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Beirut, Indonesia, and Crete). George remarks on intergenerational differences among LGBT folks, in which kids today feel comfortable coming out in high school. He describes discovering gay Chicago after returning from abroad, being active on dating websites, being introduced to the Grindr app, the role of aging within gay dating and romance, and the relationship he's in now. Sarah and George conclude with a discussion of the importance of the Center on Addison (a social center for LGBT seniors) for George and others and the "trendiness" today of LGBT seniors.


  • Karen Morris
  • Sarah Teagarden
  • George McDonald

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