Gerald Reid and Chip Michaud

Recorded July 27, 2022 Archived July 27, 2022 53:45 minutes
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One Small Step partners Gerald Reid (68) and Chip Michaud (55) talk about their careers, political views, and childhoods in Massachusetts.

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GR reads CM's bio and asks him questions about his upbringing in Massachusetts, and CM talks about his experience in the US Army reserves.
CM reads GR's bio and asks him questions about growing up on a farm in Massachusetts, and GR talks about his college experience and career changes.
GR shares that his parents were supportive of his career change from social work to anthropology. CM shares how he started in public accounting.
GR shares his personal political values. He describes himself as progressive but still holds some right-of-center values.
CM describes himself as right-of-center and explains his personal political values.
CM and GR talk about trades and higher education.


  • Gerald Reid
  • Chip Michaud

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