"Getting to Know Traditional Lightning and the People Who Love It." an interview with Sonja Behnke

Recorded February 5, 2019 Archived February 5, 2019 19:01 minutes
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The only interviewee to describe her chosen field as a “hoot,” Sonja Behnke, Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been actively involved in atmospheric electricity research since 2008. Before that, she was a math instructor as an AmeriCorps volunteer. As a relatively newer field, “traditional lightning” is, like many scientific fields, fairly male-centric. But, on a project researching volcanic activity at Sakurajima Volcano in Japan, Sonja happily found herself part of a field team that was 50/50 gender-wise, which leads into a discussion about how to assemble a great team. (Recorded 11 December 2018)


  • Sonja Behnke
  • Greg Roth