Gilles Frydman and Larissa Dandrea

Recorded July 17, 2023 Archived July 17, 2023 40:39 minutes
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Larissa Dandrea (42) asks her colleague Gilles Frydman (68) about his journey through treatment for sleep apnea and how he ultimately became a patient advocate and community creator for those experiencing sleep apnea.

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Gilles Frydman (G) shares his journey with sleep apnea. He had the signs and symptoms as well as familial history of sleep apnea, and was in denial of having it for 10 years. G shares how he eventually took action and had to push medical professionals to seek help.
G shares how his wife's medical experiences brought him to become a patient advocate and create online communities for cancer patients.
G discovers that there was very little support for folks with sleep apnea and all the complications post diagnosis.
G talks about the societal issues we have with sleep and how there are disparities amongst racial groups in diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea.
G goes back to his story and shares why he learned how vital getting treatment was for his condition.


  • Gilles Frydman
  • Larissa Dandrea

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