Gisele Girones and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Recorded September 6, 2022 Archived September 6, 2022 28:47 minutes
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Morgan Zipf-Meister (39) interviews new friend Gisele Girones (19) about her experience in the Wyoming National Guard ROTC.

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GG talks about ROTC and her experience as a cadet.
GG talks about her goals to work in law and politics and becoming a JAG officer.
GG talks about her trip abroad to Jordan and what she learned during her time.
GG talks about her experience as a woman in ROTC.
GG talk about her upbringing as an only-child and first-generation American.
GG talks about the different branches of the military and the specific role of the national guard.


  • Gisele Girones
  • Morgan Zipf-Meister

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