Glen Pegher and Christine R.

Recorded March 12, 2023 Archived March 12, 2023 52:44 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Glen Pegher (36) and Christine R. (38) find common ground across political difference around their support for the military, and share their mutual concerns about divisiveness and extreme viewpoints.

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Both partners share why they decided to participate in One Small Step
Glen describes his personal political beliefs
Christine describes how she feels misunderstood by people from both political parties
Glen describes the assumptions he thinks people make about him and his views on abortion
Christine describes political differences within her family
Glen shares the assumptions he made growing up about where people in his environment stood on political issues
Christine describes how she feels misunderstand regarding her support of the military
Glen describes his disappointment as someone in the military around how anti-war views manifest as anti-soldier views
Christine shares her view that people on the left should be more supportive of people in the military
Both partners describe their concerns around the political divisiveness in our country
Both partners share their concerns about Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Both partners discuss the lack of Generation X voices in government
Both partners share what makes them hopeful about our country's future
Both partners share what they will take with them from this experience


  • Glen Pegher
  • Christine R.

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