Glenn Gilmore and Norma Gilmore

Recorded June 4, 2020 Archived June 4, 2020 38:57 minutes
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Norma Jean Gilmore (96) talks with her son, Glenn Gilmore (69), about her memories of being ill as a child, moving to California, and experiencing the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She talks about her educational pursuits and her career in special education and cranial sacral work.

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TRACK 1 NG talks about her upbringing in Michigan and remembers being sick as a child.
NG remembers when her family moved to California so her and her father's health problems could improve.
NG remembers being with her family on the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.
TRACK 2 NG reflects on what she saw change in her community after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
NG talks about moving to New Mexico with her family when her father was drafted.
NG talks about going to college in Flagstaff, NM.
NG talks about moving to Michigan after college. She explains some of her daughter's health problems and how it influenced her career.
GG remembers the number of times NG has moved and retired.
NG talks about working in education.
NG on becoming the director of special education.
NG reflects on her 96 years of life.


  • Glenn Gilmore (b. 1950)
  • Norma Gilmore (b. 1924)

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