Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia and Kathleen Sexsmith

Recorded June 11, 2021 Archived June 10, 2021 43:35 minutes
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Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia (33) talks with his friend and colleague Kathleen Sexsmith (36) about his work advocating for farmers' rights and immigrant rights as it relates to human trafficking work. He talks about how he came to the work, gaps he sees in advocacy and policy, and gives advice to his former self.

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Gonzalo and Kathleen recall early days at Cornell when they worked at farms together.
Gonzalo talks about how he got involved with farm worker programs to advocate for farm workers rights and immigrant rights.
Gonzalo reflects on his identity as an Argentine in the US.
Gonzalo talks about the lack of support for labor trafficking in agriculture and talks about why elected officials often don't get involved in these cases.
Gonzalo discusses the consequences workers can face if they report abuses of labor.
Gonzalo reflects on some successes he's seen in the work and remembers individual cases that helped him connect with the work.
Gonzalo talks about who he looks up to in anti-trafficking work.
Gonzalo gives advice to his past self.


  • Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia
  • Kathleen Sexsmith

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