Grace Hernandez, Elena Hernandez Melendez, and Rafael Hernandez

Recorded February 4, 2023 Archived February 4, 2023 36:12 minutes
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Cousins Elena Hernandez Melendez [no age given] and Rafael Hernandez (35) have a conversation with their aunt Grace Hernandez [no age given] about their relationship with Basketball in the Barrio and the role that the camp and community have played in their lives. They also talk about the strong sense of family they feel in the Segundo Barrio and Bowie High School communities and the gratitude they have for this family.

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Grace Hernandez (GH) talks about graduating from and later working at Bowie High School.
Rafael Hernandez (RH) talks about the first time he went to Basketball in the Barrio.
RH explains how several generations of the family have been involved in basketball and the Basketball In The Barrio camp.
Elena Hernandez Melendez (EHM) talks about how Basketball in the Barrio is about a lot more than just basketball.
EHM reflects on the Bowie High School community being a family.
GH talks about her family background and growing up in el Segundo Barrio.
RH shares his love for his family and the security it gives him.


  • Grace Hernandez
  • Elena Hernandez Melendez
  • Rafael Hernandez

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La Fe Community Center

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