Grandma Interview

Recorded December 30, 2017 Archived December 30, 2017 26:14 minutes
Id: APP453660


Nicole Overton (16) interviews Jackie Overton (72) who currently lives in Rocklin, California. She asks her about her life growing up in Louisiana during the late1950s and early 1960s, her fondest memories from her teenage, child, and adult years, and how the country has changed since the 1950s-60s. Mrs. Overton’s childhood and teen years were spent in New Orleans, Louisiana and her adult years have since been spent in Northern California. Her childhood and teen years were challenging at times but she also has fun memories with her friends, family, and standing up for what’s right. Her views on the current state of our country and politics as well as what she thinks about the direction that this country is heading in is discussed during this interview. Each unique, interesting, fun, and inspiring memory spoken about in this interview makes it an interview that no one would want to miss.


  • Nicole Overton
  • Jackie Overton

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